Customer Spotlight:

Sirius XM Streamlined and secure customer experience via Salesforce service cloud

Like for many enterprise companies, Salesforce is the "single source of truth" for business management at Sirius XM. And like for all companies, customer satisfaction is key to continued success.

As Sirius XM embarked on a project to enhance their customer experience via Salesforce Service Cloud, they had 3 key factors to consider: ​

As Sirius XM embarked on a project to enhance their customer experience via Salesforce Service Cloud, they had 3 key factors to consider: ​

  1. Streamline the process for customers and service reps
  2. Secure their Salesforce ecosystem from threats posed by external content uploaded by customers
  3. Maintain the project deadline and budget

Naman Shah, Senior Director of Product Management at Sirius XM, shared why WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce was the ideal security solution for their Salesforce Service Cloud and how WithSecure has proven to be an important business partner.


Alex Brandon​
Global Sales Director, Cloud Protection for Salesforce​

Having previously worked at Salesforce, Alex brings extensive knowledge of their core offerings such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud & Experience Cloud. With this unique point of view he leads WithSecure's alliance partnership with Salesforce to help customers further secure and protect their Salesforce environments from malicious content, attachments and URLs.

Naman Shah​
Senior Director of Product Management, Sirius XM Connected Vehicles

Sirius XM Connected Vehicles Services Inc., a subsidiary of Sirius XM Holdings Inc. delivers a broadly adopted connected vehicle platform in North America providing customers access to a suite of safety, security, and convenience services including enhanced roadside assistance, remote door unlock, remote start, stolen vehicle recovery assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, and more.

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