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Phishing URLs hosted on legitimate SaaS platforms has increased at an alarming rate

Over 1100% between 2021-2022. (Palo Alto Networks 2022)

Security starts with understanding the risks your organization faces

It can be challenging to keep up with complexities of today’s digital world – including ever-evolving security regulations. The shared responsibility model – a regulatory paradigm in cloud computing – mandates that security responsibilities are split between cloud providers and cloud consumers.

As a cloud vendor and data processor, Salesforce does a stellar job in securing the cloud app and its infrastructure. However, as the cloud user and data owner, ensuring that the data that goes in is safe falls under your responsibility.

Digital transformation initiatives within the Salesforce cloud platform introduce brilliant new business outcomes, but also new attack surfaces for cyber criminals to target. To minimize your cyber risks in the cloud, you need to first understand them. 

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