Client Briefing Copenhagen

31 March 2022
14:00 - 18:00
Haaning Collection, Bagsværd, Denmark

Introducing WithSecure™ OT/ICS & IoT services within Cyber Security

In this Client briefing we will present our services and capabilities within the Cyber Security realm of the OT/ICS world. We will introduce you to our approach when doing consultancies for clients within OT/ICS & IoT.

Working on an agreed framework such as iec62443, or just on a case-by-case base, knowing to do due diligence as you work inside OT/ICS is important. Many have heard, and know, about the special circumstances, that surrounds OT/ICS & IoT installations.

WithSecure™ believes that the true value for the clients comes through a trusted partnership and a long-term relation. We will address this mindset and how it influences our service line. The team behind delivering OT/ICS & IoT services all have significant experience within the OT/ICS space, hence know both the lingo, and the challenges. We all have experience from operating ‘own’ OT/ICS systems in the past. On top of that we have all become experienced cyber security subject-matter experts within different relevant fields of cyber security, which we combine to supplement the client experience and the final result of our delivery.

Join us at the Client Briefing on 31 March and expect to hear uses-cases from some of our previous engagements, and how we used our vast experience, to help clients in all shapes and sizes. The Client Briefing will include 2-3 presentations with uses-cases, demos, and hopefully good discussions.

Agenda - details will be updated soon

13:30 - 14:00 Arrival
14:00 - 14:10 Welcome

Kristian Kristensen

14:10 - 14:45

OT security the past, the present and the future

A look into what F-Secure OT consultants have seen over the past 10 years performing onsite assessment for various industries across 4 continents. And what will the future hold for OT security.

Janne Taponen

14:45 - 15:20

How F-Secure qualifies as your strategic partner for your OT/ICS Cyber Security strategy and projects

A run-through of our methodology and how we are working in the field, doing OT/ICS Cyber Security Assessments.

Michael Weng

15:20 - 16:00

The future of cyber security in an ever-connected OT world

OT security has come a long way but still not a week goes by and somewhere industrial processes or supply chains are being interrupted or manipulated by cyber attacks. It shows how fragile the interconnected world of IT and OT can be. As the lines between OT and IT start to fade, it is becoming more and more important to start questioning the OT cyber security eco-system and what can be done to bring more control to the world of OT. Gone are the days where the geographical location of a device would define its security model.

This presentation goes through the challenges of the past and the ones to come as the convergence of IT and OT becomes more important towards the future. 

Tom Van de Wiele

16:00 - 16:30 Refreshments & Introduction to Haaning Collection
16:30 - 18:00 Networking


Don’t miss the live event at Haaning Collection in Bagsværd where you have the opportunity for networking during the breaks and in the afternoon. You will also be able to join a guided tour at Haaning Collection.  

Haaning Collection opened its doors during summer 2021 and is a mix of a large, unique car museum, an excursion destination, and an experience universe. We have chosen this venue to celebrate our first face-to-face Client Briefing in Denmark.

If you are not able to join the face-to-face event, you will have the opportunity to join us via our live streaming. Please indicate during registration, if you plan to participate in person or via live streaming.


Kristian Kristensen
Global Head of Consulting Presales, WithSecure™ 

Kristian heads Global Consulting Presales at WithSecure™  and has previously been WithSecure™'s Director of Cyber Security Services for Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Sweden as well as Scandinavian Director of Consulting.


Janne Taponen

Janne Taponen
Senior Consultant, WithSecure™ 

Janne has +10 years of experience from positions in control systems development and cyber security. Janne has developed, commissioned and security assessed extremely challenging control systems environment, including critical national infrastructure, cargo and cruise vessels, off-shore, production and process industry facilities. In addition to control systems cyber security, Janne performs deep hardware security assessments for various safety critical domains such as automotive and aviation.

Michael Weng

Michael Weng
Senior Security Consultant, WithSecure™

Michael has +20 years of experience with cyber security, most of them within OT / ICS. Michael is a dedicated Blue Team and NSM evangelist, with focus and experience in OT / ICS environments. As a Senior Security Consultant at WithSecure™, Michael works with pre-sales and actual consulting assignments in his area, including solution design and architecture reviews, risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, Incident Response in OT, Network monitoring and also helps companies develop OT / ICS Cyber Security strategies, including working with iec62443. 

Tom Van de Wiele
Principal Technology & Threat Researcher, WithSecure™ 

Tom Van de Wiele is responsible for performing and validating threat research while exploring potential protection capabilities as part of current and new technology, privacy and cyber security focus areas.


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