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Welcome to the evolution of WithSecure™ Elements in Q3/2022.

As the attack landscape evolves, so must our defenses. To empower you to keep up, we have recently elevated WithSecure™ Elements to include:

  • Advanced tools to respond to a wide array of threats
  • A new way of understanding – and prioritizing – the risks you are dealing with
  • An additional layer of protection for your Microsoft OneDrive
  • New management capabilities for your disc encryption to ensure your data preserves its confidentiality and availability

This quarter in a nutshell

WithSecure™ Elements unifies core cyber security capabilities into one cloud-native platform – delivered through expert services, trusted partners, and flexible subscription options.

Hear what Leszek Tasiemski, Head of Products, Vice President at WithSecure™, has to say about our recent forward steps, and what else is on the horizon.

Quarterly highlights – what’s new

OneDrive Protection

Advanced protection for Microsoft OneDrive

Your online collaboration has more attack vectors than just email. Malicious content can slip through your OneDrive, but you can prevent it by adding an advanced layer of protection.

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection detects and blocks malicious files uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive and lets your hybrid workforce collaborate safely.

Demo: how to enable OneDrive Protection in just a few clicks

Watch Tuomas Miettinen explain the simple steps needed to protect your OneDrive folders using the WithSecure™ Elements Security Center.

WithSecure™ Collaboration Protection

Read how to protect your file collaboration on M365 from the team behind the new feature.

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Advanced response capabilities

The right action at the right time

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response empowers you to diminish cyber risk efficiently and quickly.

Respond to the threat in front of you with a comprehensive set of response options that are simple to use, allowing you to hunt threats with speed and accuracy. Watch as our Senior Product Owner Antti Pietarinen explains all.  

Real-life attack simulation

Take a look at advanced response capabilities in action, through the lens of defending against an ongoing cyber-attack.


Gain a deeper understanding of our new set of response capabilities.

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Asset Risk Score in Vulnerability Management

Clearly understand your true risk status

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management introduces an asset risk score to help you understand where the biggest threats in your environment are, so you can prioritize fixing them intelligently. 

Demo: Asset Risk Score in WithSecure™ Elements’ Vulnerability Management

See what intelligent risk-based prioritization looks like in practice, and how to identify your biggest threats. 

Risk-based vulnerability management

What is risk-based vulnerability management and how can it make your life easier? Watch as our CISO Erka Koivunen delivers the brutal truth.

Risk based vulnerability

Risk-based vulnerability management – why, what, how? Our blog explains all:

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Endpoint Encryption

Keep your data untouched by attackers, but always available to you

Confidentiality means that data is accessible to only those who need it, when they need it.  Our Senior Product Owner Mika Arasola tells us why we added the capability to manage BitLocker encryption to WithSecure™ Elements and what it means for co-security. 

Check out our other Elements Quarterly Launches

In Q4/2022 we introduced:

  • Microsoft Teams Protection as an additional layer to protect cloud-based collaboration and remote work – delivered as part of the Elements Collaboration Protection
  • Server Share Protection feature with roll-back option to ensure all your organization’s file shares are always fully protected with a new game changing technology to ransomware protection


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