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Delta Motor Group Oy relies on layered cyber security and seasoned partners


Case study: Delta Motor Group

Keeping cyber security adaptable in today’s evolving threat landscape has been a top priority for Delta Motor Group. The car dealer has maximized its return on cyber security investment by partnering up with industry experts.

Looking for holistic cyber security without breaking the bank

Delta Motor Group’s business continuity depends on cyber security. The organization has 13 car dealerships dispersed around Finland, and it’s essential that all are permanently connected to networks, data centers and various digital services. It is critical that customer data is secured.

Over the years, Delta has developed its cyber defenses in response to evolving threats. When CIO Olli Salminen joined Delta, the company’s information security depended mainly on firewall and endpoint protection. 

“The world changes and more and more threats emerge. Cyber security tools need to evolve and adapt to these changes, too”, says Salminen. He is responsible for Delta’s IT management and cyber security. In addition, his team provides IT support services to end-users. 

“The world changes and more and more threats emerge. Cyber security tools need to evolve and adapt to the changes, too."

- Olli Salminen, CIO

Delta Motor Group has been leveraging cloud and SaaS services and doing mobile work on laptops for a long time, so the new pandemic situation hasn’t brought major changes to IT’s area of responsibility. 

Cyber security can be endlessly enhanced, and you can always invest more into it. Finding the right set of defense mechanisms without breaking the bank was key for Delta. 

Delta’s Salminen has a strong background and expertise in cyber security, but he still appreciates the support of a professional and trustworthy partner network. “We wanted to find a reliable security partner, and also have access to expert partners of the vendor. I appreciate getting the solutions effortlessly from partners”, Salminen explains.  

Multilayer approach to secure critical data

Delta no longer wanted to rely solely on firewalls or endpoint protection, as any single solution can leak. Having a trustworthy local partner and quick detection mattered the most. “It was an easy choice. Reliability and fast reaction times were the most important factors. If something happens, the systems need to be protected as fast as possible. Efficient support and service also influenced our decision.”

Delta protects their workstations and servers with WithSecure Elements Endpoint Protection. As a new solution, WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response has been introduced, which improves visibility in the IT environment, helps detect advanced attacks, and react to events quickly. “We have deployed behavioral monitoring on endpoints and servers, as well as multilayer protection. We are confident that WithSecure’s security solutions will detect what needs to be detected”, says Salminen. 

“We are confident that WithSecure’s security solutions will detect what needs to be detected.”

- Olli Salminen, CIO

Streamlining daily operations while strengthening defenses

All WithSecure Elements solutions can be managed from a single portal, which gives visibility of all servers and workstations. The majority of tasks can be automated, streamlining Delta’s daily work. Salminen especially likes the Software Updater feature, which automatically ensures that servers and services are up to date. Delta’s assets are also better protected against zero-day vulnerabilities than before.

Great security is invisible to end-users. Salminen’s experience of endpoint protection has been positive as the solution doesn’t slow down computers and goes unnoticed by end-users.  

To complement and support his team, Salminen has built a comprehensive network of partners to join forces with: “Leveraging expertise of specialized partners is a strategic choice. WithSecure is our partner in cyber security and data protection.“

Delta has succeeded in finding a steady balance between strong protection and price. With their partner strategy and WithSecure’s solutions, Delta has achieved optimal cost-effectiveness.


  • Enhanced protection against advanced attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities 
  • Cost-efficiency without compromises to security posture
  • Streamlined operations with centralized management
  • Decreased manual work due to automation
  • Reliable, knowledgeable partner as an extension to Delta’s team

Cyber security enables business continuity

Cyber security solutions – and cyber attackers – are constantly developing. Delta is confident that WithSecure’s security solutions will keep evolving and outpacing advanced threats today and tomorrow.

Salminen doesn’t expect to see any major changes in Delta Motor Group’s cyber security in the near future. “Our security is at a great level, and I don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about it”, Salminen says. “With this investment, we have received sufficient protection without compromises.” 

“Our security is at a great level, and I don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about it.”

- Olli Salminen, CIO

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