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Decode cyber security priorities for Management and Board. 

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What are Security Outcomes?

Most businesses go from responding to one cyber security crisis to the next. It’s easy to get pulled into responding – especially when security budgets need to be constantly justified with one hand while you’re fending off attackers with the other.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Transforming from reactive to proactive and then to progressive outcome-based strategies, organizations can align cyber security with business goals.

Challenges and opportunities on Security Outcomes

Guest Speaker Laura Koetzle, Vice President and Group Director at Forrester, joined us at SPHERE23 to discuss how outcome-based security simplifies cyber security by investing only in capabilities that measurably deliver desired business outcomes.

Connecting security outcomes to your strategies

Most businesses are forced to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to cybersecurity. This leaves your organization:

  • Struggling to gain visibility into risk and incidents
  • Constantly seeking skilled professionals
  • Wasting time and resources

Focusing on security outcomes changes everything. Now you can:

  • Connect your security to specific business benefits
  • Get a complete view of your risks and security maturity
  • Gain competitive agility
  • Manage costs better
  • Measure the value of your cyber security
Security Outcomes Canvas

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Decode cyber security priorities for Management and Board with CISO toolbox. 

Turn a necessity into an advantage

“It’s the idea that cyber security can give every company a defendable, governable, sustainable level of control. You can never remove every problem, but having complete visibility reduces stress and allows you to create the outcomes you want.”

Christine Bejerasco, CISO at WithSecure

Tommy Bjork


of organizations are interested in, planning to, or expanding their adoption of an outcome-based approach to cyber security.


of organizations find it difficult to measure if cyber security priorities are delivering the required outcomes. This makes it difficult to assess their contribution to business objectives.


of organizations face challenges, such as a lack of visibility into cyber risks, when reacting to incidents.

Make Cyber Security Work For You

Listen to webinar recording to find out why so many companies are interested to understand outcome-based security.

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Elevate your strategic thinking

Build resilience

Worry less with secured and resilient processes that scale in the cloud.

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Improve competitiveness

Win more business by upgrading your customer experience, compliance and reputation.

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Supercharge productivity

Waste fewer resources through simplified, optimized, and sustainable security.

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Cyber security can be your secret weapon

Protected business goals. Reduced risk. Improved productivity. Get the exclusive results of a Forrester Consulting survey of cybersecurity and IT decision-makers commissioned by WithSecure. And find out why 83% of decision-makers want to adopt outcome-based security.

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What is outcome-based security?

Outcome security is many things to many people. When it comes to our MSSPs, the term is laser-focused on their business targets and goals.

Read more about security outcomes by our CISO

Align your security strategy with your business goals

Build a cyber security strategy that is a fit for your industry, threat model and cyber security maturity.​ A new Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by WithSecure of CISOs and IT decision makers found that over 2/3 of business leaders want to adopt outcome-based cyber security.

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Canvas Presentation

Christine Bejerasco, Chief Information Security Officer at WithSecure, was on stage at SPHERE23 to introduce the Security Outcome Canvas – a new tool to help organizations better understand how to align their security and business goals.

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