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WithSecure™ Managed Detection and Response


24/7 ransomware attack & data breach prevention – delivered by experts with care.

WithSecure™ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a continuous 24/7 detection and response service. WithSecure’s cyber security experts protect your IT environment by monitoring, investigating, and remediating cyber security attacks across your estate using data collected by WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) agent. This gives you access to expert-backed Detection and Response capabilities that your in-house team with detection and response tooling may not be able to cover.

Product overview

Detecting and responding to cyber threats and network intrusions is difficult, costly, and resource-intensive – especially when cyber incidents happen outside office hours. Successful management of your Detection and Response requires extensive monitoring capabilities, advanced threat analysis, and experienced Threat Analysts who are available 24/7/365. For most companies, acquiring these security capabilities is prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, the EU’s member states must incorporate the measures introduced by NIS 2 into their national laws. An MDR solution can help the affected organizations in addressing some of those requirements.

Say goodbye to bad service and hidden extra costs. WithSecure™ MDR helps customers to face these issues and more by providing an operationally efficient and cost-effective, continuous monitoring, detection and response service. The service uses WithSecure™ Elements EDR’s Broad Context Detections™ (BCD), telemetry, and response capabilities, giving you access to the same EDR detection data as our own internal team of Detection and Response experts. In other words, you can use Elements EDR to gain extensive visibility into your digital estate without having to worry about missing security incident related alerts – as our 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service has got you covered.

Incident Response is included in your WithSecure™ MDR subscription*. In our 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service, WithSecure™ experts contain and remediate incidents on your device before they have a chance to impact your business. Incidents are handled by our experienced Detection and Response Team members, utilizing the combined knowledge of our industry-recognized researchers, developers, operators, and incident responders. If a large-scale breach affecting multiple devices occurs, customers are directed to additional Incident Response (IR) services.**

We have been guiding customers through turbulent cyber security waters for well over 30 years. We offer a proactive, research-led service, built using our real-world experience defending highly regulated customers in the highest risk bracket against cyber-attacks. With threat data quality refined by products deployed across millions of endpoints in over one hundred thousand businesses, and with experience of delivering MDR services since 2015, our processes and technology offer the MDR service that mid-market customers need. We are continuously developing and optimizing our processes and technology to help our customers face the ever-growing and changing cyber security challenges of tomorrow.

* The Incident Response included in WithSecure MDR covers one (1) device. Incidents are handled by our experienced and offensively-minded Threat Analysts in our Detection and Response Team (DRT). Major incidents where multiple devices are affected require additional Incident Response services.
** WithSecure’s additional IR services run by our Incident Response team have been assured by the UK National Cyber Security Centre since 2013, as one of only 9 IR organizations competent to handle the most complex incidents. They are also assured by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

WithSecure™ MDR key benefits

24/7 monitoring by experts

Detect and respond to threats such as ransomware attacks and data breaches 24/7/365.

Incident Response

The Incident Response service included in WithSecure™ MDR helps to contain and remediate incidents on your behalf, before they have a chance to impact your business.

Less pressure on your staff

In addition to extensive visibility of your environment via Elements EDR tooling, our experienced Detection & Response experts have got your back.

Looking for our most extensive MDR service?

WithSecure™ Countercept is our premium MDR service with continuous security posture improvement for customers with the most challenging needs or highest risk profiles.

Why choose WithSecure™ MDR?

Outshine your peers

Get enterprise-grade detection and response capabilities to punch above your weight.

Incident Response by seasoned experts

The Incident Response service included in WithSecure™ MDR helps to contain and remediate incidents on your behalf.

Research-based threat understanding

Our large team of Threat Researchers and Threat Analysts research and identify new and evolving TTPs and develop protections based on their potential impact.

Threat data quality

WithSecure products are deployed across millions of endpoints in over one hundred thousand businesses. Our end-to-end data and telemetry visibility enables us to confidently make critical decisions during every minute of every day.

Service scale and consistency

We have been providing cyber protection for more than 30 years and delivering MDR services since 2015. Our processes and technology have been developed and optimized to provide consistent, stable services at scale - even when resilience is tested.

Our European focus

Being in the same time zone as most of our clients and partners helps us serve them efficiently, and so does our ability to comply with EU data privacy legislation.

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