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Software and services

WithSecure™ Elements Platform

WithSecure™ Elements Cloud

Our comprehensive Elements Cloud platform seamlessly integrates software, services, and all essential security capabilities into a single unified solution.

WithSecure Luminen™

WithSecure Luminen™ blends the power of GenAI with the workflows of today's overwhelmed and understaffed IT security teams to supercharge their work and user experience.

WithSecure™ Elements Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

WithSecure™ Elements XDR works with you to protect your devices and your users from cyber threats.

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Security

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Security is part of the wider WithSecure™ Elements XDR family, and provides continuous protection for your endpoint devices - whether they are Windows, Mac, Linux or Mobile.

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection offers cloud endpoint protection to block advanced, automated and targeted threats.

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response solution provides enhanced detection capabilities and security against cyber attacks and data breaches.

WithSecure™ Elements Identity Security

WithSecure Elements Identity Security is an identity threat detection solution. It protects organizations against identity-based attacks by detecting potentially compromised Microsoft Entra ID identities that are used by attackers to access Microsoft 365 or other cloud-based services.

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection is the module of our Elements cyber security platform, providing an overview of your security status within Microsoft 365.

WithSecure™ Business Suite

WithSecure™ Business Suite is the perfect answer to your organization’s security challenges. It offers award-winning technologies combined with modern, clever tools to keep you protected against both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management

WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management (XM) is a continuous and proactive solution that predicts and prevents breaches against your company’s assets and business operations. 

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management is an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based vulnerability scanner that covers your network, assets, the deep web and compliance.

WithSecure™ Elements Cloud Security Posture Management

WithSecure™ Elements Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) performs AWS and Azure environment scans and completes comprehensive checks for insecure cloud configurations. The solution provides guidance on remediation steps for the found security issues.

Co-Security Services

It's about strengthening security capabilities, competencies, and culture through partnership. Through Co-Security, we understand that no single entity can tackle every cybersecurity challenge alone; it's all about collaboration.

WithSecure™ Managed Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a continuous 24/7 detection and response service. 

WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring Service

24/7 protection and access to the world's-best threat hunters at an affordable price.

WithSecure™ Elevate

WithSecure™ Elevate is a threat analysis and guidance service available to Elements Endpoint Security (EDR) customers that validates and investigates difficult detections.

WithSecure™ Incident Response

Get a risk-based view of your whole attack surface before it is exploited. We guarantee expert support through every stage of an incident to minimize impact and help you recover.

Other WithSecure Solutions

WithSecure™ Countercept

WithSecure Countercept MDR acts as an extension of your cyber security team, sharing out threat hunting expertise, helping your team learn and grow, and continuously improving your security.

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce is designed to prevent attacks via files and URLs uploaded to Salesforce Clouds.

WithSecure™ Attack Surface Management

WithSecure Attack Surface Management (ASM) is a fully managed service that gives you an immediate and contextualized understanding of the weaknesses on your perimeter without the need to build in-house capability. 


WithSecure™ Consulting

WithSecure™ Consulting services help organizations understand their cyber risk exposure, build genuine cyber security resilience, and deliver real-word security outcomes.

Security Strategy

Understand the cyber risks facing your organization and develop a cyber security strategy that aligns with your business goals and risk tolerance. 

Application Security

Optimize the security testing and development of your applications according to your business goals, risk profile, and the real-world threats targeting your organization. 

Network Security

Assess the opportunities that would enable attacks against critical assets and applications at your perimeter and within your internal network infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Whether you’ve established a fully operational cloud estate or you’re in the process of transitioning, our whole-consultancy approach to cloud security helps you maintain resilience when you’re surrounded by transformation.

Security Training

WithSecure’s training for software engineers pairs hands-on labs and learning material on our proprietary Playground platform with direct coaching from industry-leading experts in application security.

Generative AI Security

Are you planning or developing GenAI-powered solutions, or already deploying these integrations or custom solutions? We can help you identify and address potential cyber risks every step of the way.

Other Consulting Services

External Asset Mapping

Discover your true attack surface. Verify the integrity of your perimeter. Understand what you look like to an attacker.

Secure Cloud Transformation

Being an early adopter of new technologies comes with risks as well as rewards. 

Adversary Simulation

You’ve fine-tuned your controls, trained your people, and demonstrated a strong defensive capability. It’s time to test your security against a motivated adversary live on your estate. 

Advanced Attack Detection

Our consultants’ understanding of modern offensive tradecraft keeps your detection ability in line with the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of modern adversaries.

Embedded Systems Security

Design and build secure products for the market. Keep your organization and employees safe when purchasing technology.

Operational Technology

Securing operational technology (OT) requires unique solutions and the knowledge of specialist cyber security technicians or consultants.

Partner success services

WithSecure™ cyber security experts offer easy & reliable technical support with cyber security advice and products tailored to your business needs.

Security hardware

WithSecure™ Foundry

Discover WithSecure'™ Foundry - the one-stop for tailormade cyber security products and hardware from design to development & support.

USB armory

Run trusted applications & safeguard data. Protect your data from breaches with WithSecure™ USB Armory -  a personal, self-contained, secure server.

Armory Drive

Protect your data from breaches with WithSecure™ Armory Drive  - an easy encrypted storage solution which is provides the convenience of a USB drive.