WithSecure™ Foundry

Protecting your organization means understanding what you’re up against.

Security, embedded right from the beginning.

We are breakers and makers, testing and building software and hardware products from the ground up since 2005.

This has given us a pragmatic engineering mindset that makes those products not only effective and secure, but practical to implement in your organization. Our hardware security services have been awared with IEC 62443 certification. Find out more in our detailed service overview.




We design hardware with built-in security, from industrial data loggers to personal cryptocurrency wallets.


We engineer hardened bootloaders, secure monitors, and runtime environments with minimal attack surface.



We develop embedded applications for numerous industries and functions, combining our engineering and hacking skills.

Secure boot_2

Secure boot

We are the leading world experts in Secure Boot implementations. We broke several, trust us in securing them.



We secure critical equipment on aircraft, automotive vehicles, marine vessels, and satellites – where security is critical to human safety.

Open source_1

Open Source

We ensure close ties with the industry and a test-heavy approach by leading open hardware and open source projects.

Our approach



Understand and select the right features offered by application processors to achieve secure product design.

  • There are no remote hardware upgrades - we make sure that correct and secure components are there from the start
  • We plan ahead to contain breaches with built-in isolation, data diodes, and separation of roles
  • Hardware, firmware, software: orchestrated design for every layer of your architecture
  • Built-in risk assessment and threat analysis


Take secure products from the drawing board to deployment.

  • Orchestrated hardware, firmware, and software development
  • Development with a cyber-secure mindset, trained in breaking code, and defending it
  • Research-driven, production-grade focused – what we gather in technical insight we apply in the real-world
  • Built-in risk assessment and threat analysis


Secure products are manageable, maintainable, and verifiable. Our delivery process ensures control stays in your hands, with full code transparency, simple-to-interpret documentation, and tested deployments.

  • Mission-critical solutions delivered to the strictest production-grade standards
  • Full source code delivery
  • Integration workshops and training


We’re here for the long-haul, giving you products that are manageable and maintainable in the short, medium and long term, by you.

  • IEC-62443-4-1 certified secure development lifecycle
  • Incident response and vulnerability remediation
  • Vulnerability disclosure coordination
  • Feature enhancement and continuous security support

Our products

USB armory

The world's smallest secure, open-source-driven computer. It can safeguard data and run trusted applications, preventing unauthorized access or execution. Minimal attack surface, vast performance and capabilities.

Armory Drive

Our encrypted storage solution that provides the convenience of a USB drive without compromising on protection. It protects the encryption keys to your data, even when accessed from unknown or compromised devices.

Case studies

Research projects

USB armory

USB armory

The world’s smallest secure, open-source-driven computer.

GitHub repository


The bare metal Go smartcard.

GitHub repository


Go Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) w/ TrustZone.

GitHub repository

Armory Drive

USB encrypted drive.

GitHub repository


Bare metal Go for ARM SoCs.

GitHub repository


One-Time-Programmable (OTP) fusing tool.

GitHub repository


File encryption and HSM front-end.

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Security advisories


Our discovered vulnerabilities on hardware and software.

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