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WithSecure™ Elevate


Get expert guidance whenever you're under attack

WithSecure™ Elevate is a threat analysis and guidance service available to Elements Endpoint Security (EDR) customers that validates and investigates difficult detections. If necessary, it will then provide remediation guidance. The Elevate service is available 24/7/365 and delivered by our elite threat hunters, who have been hardened by their experience of real-world cyber-attacks.

Service overview

Dealing with troublesome detections can be hard, especially if you lack competence or experience within your IT team. Most detections are easy to deal with, either because they are high-fidelity detections or the consequences of an incorrect decision are small, but some are more troublesome.

Severe risk detections may arise from multiple lower risk events, which, without the necessary threat intelligence, are difficult to interpret. Without contextual information, they may also be ambiguous. In these situations, your security operations team would need access to expertise and threat information resources.

The sooner you catch the attack, the better. Even in the toughest cases you are never left alone. WithSecure™ Elevate comes with inbuilt WithSecure Elements Endpoint Security (EDR) capabilities. You get elite threat hunter investigation and response guidance – normally reserved for the most demanding enterprises – as a 24/7 pay-as-you-go service. Further, activating the service is very easy.

What's WithSecure™ Elevate

Our WithSecure Elevate service is available 24/7/365. The target time for starting a threat validation is within 2 hours of the Elevate request being made. Once the validation is complete, you will immediately see the results in your WithSecure Elements Security Center portal.

Here is how it works

  1. Unconfirmed suspected threat is detected.
  2. The case is then elevated to WithSecure’s elite threat hunters for analysis and guidance. Detections are validated using both telemetry gathered from the customer’s estate over the previous 7 days and threat intelligence. We investigate specific detections, exploiting recent and historical data alongside threat intelligence to develop a timeline of events and understand the attacker’s motives
  3. The threat is resolved following explicit directions. We provide an expert-written summary and description of the detection, along with any other relevant data to help you determine how to respond.


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