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Become the trusted partner your customers need and grow your business by offering WithSecure™ Elements as a managed service.


Solutions created together

As the scope and impact of the threat landscape heat up, more organizations are looking for a partner that can deliver world-class cyber-security technology, expertise and services.

Our cutting-edge, AI-powered platform includes all the elements and tools you need to provide total cyber security, managed through a single security console. As a WithSecure partner, you can expand your business while increasing customer loyalty. Become the trusted cyber security advisor your customers need.

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Take your business to the next level

Increased competitiveness and customer retention

Differentiate your offering and boost your competitive edge by building subscription and usage-based cyber security services that meet customer demands, provide predictable revenue and increase customer loyalty.

The components for a complete cyber security service

WithSecure™ Elements is a modular, subscription-based cyber security portfolio that delivers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection and detection and response.

Backed by WithSecure's unique partner service offering and expertise

Get a smooth start in cyber security competence development, by taking advantage of the support we offer. We can help you with creating service definitions, resource planning, SLA and pricing strategies, and sales and marketing.

WithSecure Elements offering designed with partners for building services.

WithSecure Elements is our modular cybersecurity portfolio that has been designed to tackle complexity by seamlessly working together so you can focus on growing your business and offering the managed security services your customers need to thrive.

Boost your offering and sharpen your competitive edge by building flexible, subscription, and usage-based cybersecurity services that protect our customers and provide you with revenue streams you can rely on.

Build your cyber security offering with us

WithSecure™ research shows that 82% of customers want a single security partner who can cover all solutions, expertise, and services. With this in mind, a portfolio that includes managed cyber security services to deliver the security and flexibility your customers demand, and the constant revenue flow your business needs, just makes sense.

But building it is not easy; it requires new skills, deep knowledge, and a complete customer-centricity approach. WithSecure's Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner program has been designed with MSPs at all stages in mind: whether you already have a strong service offering or are just getting started in your journey to becoming a trusted advisor of managed security services. With every partner, we begin by discussing strategy, plans, and resources to design a partnership that’s right for you.

Wherever you’re going, we’ll help get you there.

We’ve got your back.

MSP Partner benefits

Pricing model

Increased competitiveness and customer retention

Broaden your portfolio and boost profits using WithSecure™ Elements.

We help you to differentiate your offering by creating a flexible, subscription-based model that delivers high-value services to your customers and boosts your competitive edge.

Using WithSecure™ Elements you can:

  • provide both license-based and service-based options, enabling you to meet the differing needs of all your customers.
  • build and deliver scalable, high-value services and increase profitability without depending on license resale margins.
  • meet your customer demands, provide predictable revenue and produce customers less likely to churn. 
  • pay only for your total customer base’s actual usage, not for the maximum number of protected instances.

The components for a complete cybersecurity service

One platform for all cybersecurity services

WithSecure Elements covers everything from vulnerability management to endpoint protection. Choose the solutions you need and ramp up or down as you go.  

WithSecure Elements’ cloud-native solutions are easy to deploy and automatically talk with each other, resulting in a streamlined process. 

  • Simplified setup with a single installation package
  • Centralized management and visibility of all customers
  • Cloud-native solutions
  • Award-winning security for endpoints and cloud
  • Integrations with larger ecosystems
MSP partner services

Backed by expertise and a unique service offering

As an MSP Partner, you can use our resources from the launch phase all the way through to more complicated cyber security issues. 

Our service assortment covers your whole business transformation. We are your backup – if something isn't right, we've got you covered. 

  • Support & Technical Service Manager
  • Selling new services to existing customers
  • Competence Development
  • Service Design
  • Integration support
  • Co-Marketing
  • Elevate tough cases to WithSecure experts

What our partners say

Work with us

We believe that the Partner Program is not just about better business. It's about better business. For us, it's a symbiosis where we complement each other. You win. We win. And most importantly, your customers win.

How to enter the Partner Program


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If your company currently offers managed services and is focused on developing your business as an MSP. You can be a new partner or an existing Global Partner Program (GPP) member.


Speak with a channel manager

Together we discuss the maturity of your managed service business and where we can collaborate with you to support your growth.


Our partnership begins

You will receive an email with an invitation to access the program services & a jointly created plan with the program requirements. From there, you can begin executing sales and rolling out services, supported by WithSecure.

Join our MSP Program

  • Support and Technical Service Manager
  • Selling New Services to existing customers
  • Competence development
  • Service Design
  • Integration support
  • Co-marketing
  • Elevate tough cases to WithSecure

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