Exposure remediation through the attacker’s lens


WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management


Discover and act on your digital exposures before cyber criminals do

WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management (XM) is a continuous and proactive solution that predicts and prevents breaches against your company’s assets and business operations. Elements XM provides visibility into your attack surface and enables the efficient remediation of its highest-impact exposures through a unified view, thanks to our exposure scoring and AI-enabled recommendations. Get one solution for 360° digital exposure management and visibility across your external attack surface and internal security posture, to proactively prevent cyber-attacks.

Product overview

The shifting cyber security environment

The shift from reactive to proactive cybersecurity has long been a priority for security professionals, but satisfactory solutions have been in short supply. In today’s digital age, businesses face an ever-evolving threat landscape, with new vulnerabilities emerging constantly and the development of AI enabling new types of cyber-attacks. Organizations have increasingly hybrid environments with unclear borders. The challenge is not only to protect systems and data, but also safeguard business continuity against digital supply chain threats and potential compromises. 

Identify potential attack paths to your critical assets with 360° visibility

The innovative and AI-powered WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management (XM) addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive exposure management tools. WithSecure is the thought-leading Exposure Management provider for European SMEs and MSPs, and for organizations that want cyber security done the European Way. Our Elements Exposure Management provides capabilities and processes that evaluate how accessible and exposed an organization’s digital assets are, and how easy it is to exploit them. The solution offers continuous recommendations by simulating attack paths, identifying critical vulnerabilities, and offering risk focused outputs to proactively strengthen defenses.

Maximize your cyber resilience with minimum effort

Elements XM combines data from your external attack surface, identity management systems (e.g. Entra ID), devices, network, and cloud services (Azure, AWS). The solution enriches this data with real-time threat intelligence and business context for a holistic security approach. The AI-powered recommendations include guidance for technical teams on how to take the most impactful actions quickly and make security risks easy to understand for business decision-makers. Our additional WithSecure™ Elevate service allows a specific finding, recommendation or attack path to be sent to us for further analysis. This consultation from our experts ensures the validity and priority of the elevated item.

What's new in Elements

The world of cyber security never stands still – and neither do we. Our experts are constantly looking at ways of improving Elements to make the world safer for us all. Take a look at the latest developments in our Quarterly Update series.

Why choose WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management?

European Exposure Management

Thought-leading European Exposure Management with local threat intelligence, compliance, privacy, and decades of real-world attack experience. 

Unique attack path modeling

Cutting-edge, AI-powered attack path modeling, where our reasoning engine and attack paths are built on heuristic scoring through the lens of the attacker.

Tackle identity-based risks

Covers identities, which can function as powerful attack acceleration points that are easily phished and stolen - in addition to covering the External Attack Surface.

Designed for midsize businesses

Optimized for minimum effective security and designed to offer democratized cyber security for midsize organizations - providing ease of use with limited resources.

AI-powered recommmendations

Creates actionable recommendations on what to remediate based on exposure scores that utilize our unique attack path modeling approach as their key component. 

Unified security user experience

Part of the WithSecure Elements Cloud that offers a unified user experience from a single pane-of-glass, complemented by Co-Security Services such as WithSecure Elevate.

Take a deep dive into WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management

Brochures Requirements & support

Supported systems

Secure environments that make up your attack surface

Our multi-environment approach covers the following assets and environments:

  • External Attack Surface (EASM)
  • Cloud services including Azure and AWS platforms
  • Identities such as Entra ID
  • Managed devices including workstations and servers
  • Network including network equipment 

Looking for product support?

We publish a range of articles, instructions and other important support materials.

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User guide

Instructions on how to use Elements Exposure Management

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Ready to maximize your cyber resilience with minimum effort?

Unlock the power of WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management to discover, prioritize, and act on critical exposures. Take the next step in securing your organization’s digital landscape by completing the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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