The power of prevention: the role of exposure management in 2024

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Webinar | On-demand | 60min
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Every IT security professional we speak to would choose to prevent a breach, rather than stop it once located.

That’s why exposure management is the next big thing in cyber security. Only by gaining a view of your entire attack surface can you hope to prevent breaches occurring. 

Join Christine Bejerasco, CISO at WithSecure, as she hosts a masterclass in exposure management. Alongside guests Mo Ahddoud, Co-founder and head of security practice at Chameleon Cyber Consultants, and Katie Inns, Head of Attack Surface Management at WithSecure.

Our experts will open up the topic of exposure management, explain why now is the right time for the mid-market to implement it, and how it will change the cyber security narrative. Forever. 

Our speakers

Mo Ahddoud

Mo Ahddoud

Co-Founder & Head of Security Practice at Chameleon

Mo Ahddoud is an experienced cybersecurity leader with a proven track record of delivering impactful programs for FTSE 100 companies and other renowned organisations. He has successfully led cyber security programs for mergers and acquisitions, playing a pivotal role in transitioning to cloud-based cyber security solutions for Critical National Infrastructure at the UK's largest gas distribution company.

Mo has earned recognition for his cyber security expertise, receiving the prestigious British Computer Society Cyber Security Program of the Year award. Additionally, he actively contributes to the IoT Security Foundation, where he leads a working group for security professionals, fostering knowledge sharing and expanding cyber security expertise within the IoT domain.

 Mo is the co-founder and head of security practice for Chameleon Cyber Consultants, which specialises in tailored security strategies for SMEs.

Katie Inns

Katie Inns

Head of Attack Surface Management WithSecure™    

Katie's focus is on helping organizations reduce and improve the security across their external attack surface. After completing a degree in Criminology, she worked as part of an in-house security team focusing on vulnerability management and application security, before joining WithSecure to focus on Attack Surface Management. As a side project, Katie is involved in medical device security research, some of which she has presented at DEFCON. 

Christine Bejerasco

Christine Bejerasco

CISO WithSecure™   

Christine Bejerasco is WithSecure’s CISO. She previously held the titles of CTO and Vice President, Tactical Defense Unit, where she led the defense services team that creates the rules and detections which power WithSecure’s security products against latest threats.

Christine is highly respected in the cyber security industry and regularly speaks at peer-to-peer and business events. With the last couple of years being unprecedented for security breaches, Christine has shared her in-depth knowledge in areas that highlight some of the threats encountered in cyber attacks during this period - especially those affecting mobile devices, software supply chains, and data leaks. She also supports WithSecure and other companies in their transition to outcome-based security.

Throughout her career, Christine has held roles that have researched and analyzed threats and privacy issues throughout the security landscape and across key industry sectors, including pharma, automotive, manufacturing, finance and logistics. Christine’s technical background was launched with a BS in Computer Science.