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WithSecure™ Incident Readiness and Response

With the right partner and preparation, every organization can prevent incidents from becoming crises

Get a risk-based view of your whole attack surface before it is exploited.

Co-secure with us: Together we can build a confident cyber security incident response team trained and equipped to respond. 

Data breaches in 2022 cost an average of $4.35m per incident. Average saving for organizations with an IR team that tested their response: $2.66m.1

Our services

Incident Readiness

Exercise and improve your incident response capability without interruption to your business

Emergency Incident Response Support

Under attack?  We’ll step in to help

Incident Response Retainer

Provides priority access to incident response experts—with special focus on the first 72 hours following an incident

In an incident, first preserve evidence

A Telecommunications provider detects unauthorized transactions and turns to WithSecure for help.

Less haste, more speed

A Managed Services Provider acquires another business - and we help identify, contain and eject multiple threat actors.

Our promise

We guarantee expert support through every stage of an incident to minimize impact and help you recover.  We will develop your incident response maturity so you can respond effectively to future incidents.

WithSecure Co-Security

What our experts deliver

Increase resilience

Maintain operations while under attack, minimise disruption

Reduce risk

Empower your response team, minimize response costs

Maintain customer trust

Comply with regulations and customer requirements, demonstrate duty of care

Why choose WithSecure™ Incident Readiness and Response services?

Delivering successful Incident Response for 20 years

Every day, we battle organized, well-resourced criminal and state-sponsored groups, helping them to respond and recover.

Trusted by governments

Assured by German BSI and UK NCSC for Incident Response services

Built on partnership

Our co-security approach strengthens your incident response and reinforces your business continuity

We are reliable

We guarantee that in a crisis you will have the resources you need

Take a deep dive into WithSecure™ cyber Incident readiness and response services

Case Study

IT estate: 200 servers, one 30 terabyte database

Visibility: Antivirus, no EDR, SIEM with inconsistent log coverage


  • Day 0: Investigated suspicious activity, identified several encrypted hosts, cut internet access, supported startup of DR environment
  • Day 1: Identified BlackCat ransomware sold as a service on Russian dark web forums
  • Day 1-6: verified that backups were not compromised before uploading them to DR environment
  • Day 4: Performed Attack Surface Mapping to spot and minimize potential vulnerabilities which would enable a DOS attack. Four DOS vulnerabilities, one Remote Code Execution vulnerability plus a DOS protection workaround discovered.  Co-working with the client remediated all issues within hours.
  • Day 10: Countercept XDR deployed as IT environment restored to production.

Total: 250 hours of Incident Management, forensic support and threat hunting.


  • No ransom paid
  • IT domain hardened and capability improved
  • Client was assured that no sensitive data was exfiltrated
  • Root cause of the incident identified 
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The tool we are releasing today – Chainsaw – provides blue teams with a powerful first-response capability to quickly identify threats within event logs.

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Cat-Scale Linux Incident Response Collection

On 30 September 2019, Joani Green and John Rogers gave a talk titled "Performing Linux Investigations at Scale" at the SANS DFIR Summit in Prague.

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WithSecure constantly conducts investigations and research to develop techniques, tools and practices to help with incident response and help organizations improve their readiness. It also has a dedicated Threat Intelligence practice to keep track of attackers’ behaviors, developments and tooling.

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