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As a WithSecure™ partner, our paths are tied together. Your success is our success. We want to help you understand our products and services as easily and as well as possible.

As our partner, you get full access to WithSecure™ Academy, which contains comprehensive training on both the sales and administration of all our solutions, as well as on cybersecurity marketing and the threat landscape. You can pick and mix the trainings to fit the requirements of your partner level based on your needs, or do as many of the trainings as you feel will benefit you. 

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Partner Level Requirements

Partner levels

And remember that the partner program only sets the minimum! As many people in your organization can do as many certifications as you feel beneficial to you. Going above the minimum can help both in sales and in administration: the better the know-how, the easier it it to sell the portfolio and administrate the products. 

For WithSecure™ partners, each partner level requires a minimum number of certificates the partner company must have valid. The partner program mandates only the minumum number of valid certificates - which products you certify in, whether you do your certifications in sales or technical courses, and how many people in your company do the certifications is up to you. 


WithSecure™ College for Expertise

WithSecure’s instructor-led Expert and Advanced Plus level trainings offer deep dives into security topics that highlight the capabilities of products and services in the WithSecure portfolio. The trainings are designed and hosted by skilled cyber security experts from WithSecure™ Labs, solution teams, cyber security consulting unit, and more.

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WithSecure™ Global Partner Program

WithSecure™ partner training is part of our award-winning Global Partner Program. Whether you’re a reseller or managed service provider (MSP), our Global Partner Program gives you the services, products and expert support you need to protect your customers’ businesses in the way they want - and grow yours.

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WithSecure™ Academy

WithSecure™ Academy is our training platform, offering courses on our products, on cybersecurity in general, and on selling our portfolio. You can access the Academy through WithSecure™ Partner Portal on the Get Certified page.

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