Prompt Down Hackers with Luminen™ GenAI

WithSecure Luminen™ blends the power of GenAI with the workflows of today's overwhelmed and understaffed IT security teams to supercharge their work and user experience.

Hum(AI)n user experience is here. Meet Luminen™

The evolving threat landscape, compliance demands, and organizations' expanding digital attack surface can overwhelm IT and cybersecurity teams, surpassing the human capacity to manage it effectively despite struggling with diminishing budgets, staff shortages, and competence gaps.

Luminen™ helps you bridge the gaps

Luminen™ is a generative AI capability based on a Large Language Model (LLM). Natively embedded into WithSecure™ Elements Cloud, Luminen™ supercharges IT and cyber security teams with better situational awareness through natural language explanations of security events and Broad Context Detections™. Luminen™ not only provides summary reports in the user’s local language, but also advises on suitable remediations and security posture improvements.

Investigation Assistant

Luminen™ GenAI analyses and provides natural language explanations of all Broad Context Detection™ (BCD) from WithSecure Elements XDR, enriched with relevant external threat intelligence data. It empowers IT teams by immediately assisting users of any experience level to better understand the context and impact of BCDs, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

With Luminen™, users of Elements gain access to the same powerful Generative AI capabilities that WithSecure’s™ threat hunters use to efficiently and effectively deliver 24/7 human-led detection and response. Luminen™ never replaces humans, it just gives them superpowers.

Security Awareness Assistant

Luminen™ automatically summarizes the security events of the past 7 days into a report in your local language, with recommended actions. These GenAI-based summary reports are actionable, with built-in event drill downs and easy access to underlying details, ensuring you can verify the source data.

As Luminen™ develops, it can be extended to provide regular summary reports for service providers serving multiple customers. Automating the currently labor-intensive compilation of monthly reports boosts your efficiency and improves customer service.

Hum(AI)n Superpowers

Luminen™ enables today’s busy and understaffed IT teams to shine by making complex cyber security tasks easy, understandable, and efficient. Luminen™ lowers the bar for IT and security administrators, making it easier for even non-security experts to confidently navigate cyber security’s complicated landscape.

Maximized efficiency with minimized effort

Luminen’s™ GenAI capabilities enable overwhelmed and understaffed IT teams and cyber defenders to significantly enhance their productivity, helping organizations protect themselves. Luminen™ connects the dots, letting you make more informed and confident decisions.

Seamless user experience with accuracy and quality

Luminen™ reduces the risk of incorrect recommendations from poorly crafted prompts by using preprocessed data and predefined, pre-tested prompt options. Our approach ensures Luminen™’s capabilities are easy to understand and fully embedded within WithSecure™’s existing products.

Uncompromising privacy standards with European values

As a European cybersecurity company, WithSecure™ adheres to the world’s strictest privacy and compliance standards. Luminen™ utilizes proven foundational models that are continuously improved without ever using data from user prompts. Our approach eliminates any risk of cross-organizational data exposure.

WithSecure AI journey

WithSecure has been pioneering and using machine learning and AI within cyber security for decades Our algorithms and data processing meet the highest European standards of quality, compliance, and strict privacy protocols.



First machine learning based file analyzer​



First machine learning based Android app analyzer


Project Blackfin

On-device AI using swarm intelligence



First supervised learning algorithms for Broad Context Detections(TM)


ML-based phishing detection

Machine learning to identify malicious phishing documents


LLM-powered security research

Large language models (LLM) and chat interfaces to supercharge security analysts and researchers

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