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Co-Security Services


At WithSecure, Co-Security isn't just a concept; it's our guiding principle

It's about strengthening security capabilities, competencies, and culture through partnership. Through Co-Security, we understand that no single entity can tackle every cybersecurity challenge alone; it's all about collaboration.

Here, WithSecure, our IT Service Partners, and customers seamlessly work together to ensure robust protection. Together, we form a united front against threats, prioritizing readiness, swift response, and adaptability.

Our Co-Security Services


WithSecure Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Our MDR Service is a continuous, 24/7 detection and response service. WithSecure’s cyber security experts protect a customer’s IT environment by investigating and remediating cyber security attacks using data collected by Elements EDR.



The WithSecure Co-Monitoring Service provides Elements EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) users with 24/7 validation, investigation, and remediation guidance. The service is delivered by WithSecure’s Detection and Response Team (DRT). Our DRT is a group of research-led, experienced threat hunters who analyze, investigate, and respond to incidents every day. Alternatively, Co-Monitoring can be delivered during out-of-office hours to complement a company’s own monitoring team.


On-demand Elevate

Elements users can request guidance on specific detections or exposure findings, in order to receive recommendation and remediation help. Get support from our security experts on the next steps and understand why certain findings are important. Our team of threat hunters and security consultants will pick up the Elevate request, investigate the referred detection, recommendation or attack path, and guide the customer appropriately.


Incident Response

Provides priority access to incident response experts—with special focus on the first 72 hours following an incident. WithSecure provides Incident Response services to businesses and enterprises across the globe that want to be resilient to cyber attacks, minimize losses, comply with regulations, and earn the trust of their customers.

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