Gain visibility into identity-based attacks


WithSecure™ Elements Identity Security


Prevent major impact from credential theft

WithSecure Elements Identity Security is an identity threat detection solution. It protects organizations against identity-based attacks by detecting potentially compromised Microsoft Entra ID identities that are used by attackers to access Microsoft 365 or other cloud-based services.

Product overview

Stolen credentials have become the most popular entry point for breaches, and a recent survey revealed that breaches initiated with stolen or compromised credentials took the longest to identify and contain*.

Elements Identity Security allows you to detect identity-based attacks by highlighting potentially compromised user credentials. Credentials are collected through either phishing email campaigns or by baiting administrators to accept non-standard authentication flows into their organization. Elements Identity Security extends your detection capabilities beyond endpoints to cover identities - known as the new target for cyber security attacks.

Once you detect an attack, how do you understand it and what should you do next? All activity detected from a potentially compromised user is aggregated together into a Broad Context Detection™, so that the investigation can easily pivot from one central place within the WithSecure Elements Cloud platform.

Our WithSecure incident response team is seeing an increasing trend in identity-focused attacks. These days, you need to do more than basic security hygiene to protect your IT environments, which often sprawl beyond on-premises. Traditional endpoint detection and response tools cannot provide visibility into identities in the era of remote work and cloud services that can be accessed from anywhere.

“An alarming 90% of organizations reported identity-related incidents.”

Source: 2023 Trends in Identity Security by Identity Defined Security Alliance

“Last year, exploiting identity caused a 71% spike in cyber attacks. Breaches that were initiated with stolen or compromised credentials took the longest to resolve – nearly 11 months.”

Source: IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023(*


Protect your most targeted assets: your users

Identity is the layer between your endpoints, the cloud services, and platforms your organization consumes. Endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities take you along the devices, but you need Elements Identity Security as the next extension to detect use of stolen credentials.

Elements Identity Security detects risky users and sessions when credentials are being used to access Microsoft 365 or other cloud services. These credentials are managed by using Microsoft Entra ID as the most widely used cloud-based identity and access management service.


Part of WithSecure Elements XDR

Elements Identity Security is a module of WithSecure Elements Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and has been designed for modern IT estates. Not only does it enable organizations to understand and respond to advanced threats across endpoints, identities, emails and collaboration tools, but automated advanced preventative controls keep incident volumes and lower-level attacks at bay.

Elements XDR is part of our complete Elements Cloud platform that includes wider range of tools and capabilities delivered from the cloud to provide exposure management, automated patch management, dynamic threat intelligence and continuous behavioral analytics. Users of Elements Cloud can easily gain access to WithSecure expertise with flexible services offering to get help with complex detections or widespread major incidents.

Why choose WithSecure™ Elements Identity Security?

Protected workforce

Secure your organization’s remote workforce against the rise in attacks targeting identities.

Stolen credentials

Detect compromised credentials and identity-based attacks by gaining visibility beyond the endpoint.

Entra ID integrated

Integrate with Microsoft Entra ID that is commonly used to access Microsoft 365 and many 3rd party cloud services through a single sign-on.

Flexible services

Do more with limited resources by easily managing Elements XDR and accessing flexible services whenever needed to augment your own team.

Take a deep dive into WithSecure™ Elements Identity Security

Brochures Requirements & support

Supported systems

As Elements Identity Security is designed to protect Microsoft Entra ID as part of our Elements XDR solution, you need to have administrative rights to the relevant Entra ID tenants to set up your protection. Elements Identity Security requires a subscription to Elements Endpoint Security, which includes Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities. After the initial setup, all you need is a modern web browser and Internet access to manage Elements Identity Security as part of Elements XDR. 

Detection capabilities

The protection capabilities against identity-based attacks have been built based on our cyber security expertise and real incident response cases. Identity-based attack detection capabilities are continuously developed along with the evolving Identity and Access Management (IAM) environments and the latest threat intelligence.

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