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WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection


Integrating Collaboration Protection is fast and easy

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection is the module of our Elements cyber security platform, providing an overview of your security status within Microsoft 365.

Our Elements platform unifies vulnerability management, automated patch management, dynamic threat intelligence and continuous behavioral analytics into a single user interface that optimizes visibility. 

WithSecure™ Elements also provides unified support, services, and pricing models for your cyber security. 



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Product overview

As more and more organizations rely on standard Microsoft 365 security, hackers and other malicious actors are incentivized to design attacks that bypass standard protection.    

Elements Collaboration Protection delivers an exceptional detection rate, protecting your organization from malicious content.

Elements Collaboration Protection secures the complete Microsoft 365 environment, covering Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.

Our solution adds an extra layer of protection to Microsoft 365 native security capabilities, addressing advanced cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, compromised accounts, phishing and targeted attacks.

Collaboration Protection key benefits

Designed explicitly for Microsoft Office Online to include all aspects of hybrid work across the Microsoft 365 solution using cloud to cloud connectivity.

Nothing needed on the endpoint. Even personal devices are covered, as everything happens online.

Helps to protect the user’s Digital Identity, for example detecting if their passwords have been compromised.

Continuous protection where all items are checked when accessed. This includes emails, contacts, invitations, and files saved to both OneDrive and Sharepoint or shared via Teams.

Further details about the features of Elements Collaboration Protection can be found in our Solution Overview document.


What's new in Elements

The world of cyber security never stands still – and neither do we. Our experts are constantly looking at ways of improving Elements to make the world safer for us all. Take a look at the latest developments in our Quarterly Update series.

Why choose WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection?

Full Microsoft 365 protection

Keep your Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams collaboration protected against even the most sophisticated and well-hidden attacks on any device – securely.

94% of malware is delivered through email, and people are always going to click on the wrong things. But, when using Elements Collaboration Protection, your organization is protected from even the most advanced email threats.

Safeguard your business from compromised accounts

From a single compromised account, an attacker can gain access to sensitive company data. Early detection gives the administrator the precious time needed to validate user identity and act before the data becomes available to a broader criminal audience.

Cost-effective advanced security

Get advanced security features such as sandboxing without having to purchase more expensive Microsoft 365 plans. Stay on top of existing and emerging threats while keeping your IT costs at a competitive level.  

Unparalleled security features

Block advanced malware

Powered by real-time threat intelligence and finetuned machine-learning techniques, WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection now protects your email and other collaboration services on Microsoft 365 from viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other advanced malware.

  • Detects advanced threats by scanning harmful content in file attachments found in Exchange emails or files stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Teams.
  • Advanced threat analysis that uses machine-learning and sandboxing to analyze potentially malicious files in virtual environments. Identifies and blocks even the most sophisticated zero-day malware and exploits.
  • Leverages real-time threat intelligence gathered from tens of millions of security clients by WithSecure™ Security Cloud for faster and better protection against new and emerging threats.


Easy management

Manage everything through a single, cloud-based console. The WithSecure™ Elements Security Center simplifies the deployment, management, and monitoring of endpoint security components and integrated tools.

  • Worry-free administration in a single portal.
  • Full integration readiness for third-party management tools.
  • Customizable reporting function.
Compromized account detection

A breached account is an easy way for a criminal to get into an organization. Attacks can be made using phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks or impersonation-based attacks. Once breached, it can be hard to detect attacks as they come from a legitimate company user account.

  • Our compromised email account detection feature securely checks your users’ email addresses and instantly notifies you if your company has compromised accounts in the wild.
  • The company overview shows the number of compromised accounts (if any) within the organization.
  • It also provides information about the severity of the compromised accounts, based on the type of information that was compromised and whether those accounts are still exploitable. 



Easy deployment

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection is easily deployed in minutes.

  • The installation wizard only requires an administrator to establish a connection and grant permissions to start protecting Microsoft 365 services.
  • Leverages cloud-to-cloud integration and does not require re-routing of emails like legacy secure email gateway solutions.
  • WithSecure’s default policies can be used to speed up deployment. Default policies with rules also help to eliminate configuration errors that can leave your security environment exposed and ineffective.
URL protection

Email protection is built to detect threats that users don’t notice. WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection identifies and blocks malicious files and URLs that bypass human control.

  • URL protection proactively prevents Microsoft 365 users from accessing malicious or unwanted content. It also bans users from being tricked into accessing seemingly legitimate phishing and malicious sites.
  • Scans the body of each Exchange item and queries the reputation of included URLs from WithSecure's Security Cloud. If the link is deemed malicious, all access to the URL is blocked.
  • All content types including email, calendar invites, and tasks are scanned for malicious content.

Take a deep dive into WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection

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Protects against threat vectors

Malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), zero-day exploits, Phishing attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), brand and domain infringement.

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