Cyber Security Technology. The European Way.

In Europe, we don’t have time for cyber attacks – after all, there is coffee to be drunk, baguettes to be eaten and wurst to be grilled. 
So, get on board with the European Way and say goodbye to cyber security chaos.

We adhere to the European Way of data protection through our respect for privacy, data sovereignty, and regulations.

Based in Europe since 1988, these values are deep-rooted in our everyday work, allowing us to provide cyber security technology for the mid-market that prevents attacks from being successful and ensuring that you are EU-compliant from day one.


Navigating Beyond US-China Tech Dominance

For a Better Digital Future

A new era

Europe has emerged as a credible, safe, and forward-thinking alternative with a user-centric approach to data. Learning from the mistakes of thos who previoulsy dominated the cyber arena, Europe has implemented regulations preventing systemic data abuse. With comparable technology but without state-led surveillance, Europe is positioned as a faster, leaner, and safer player in the global digital landscape.

Innovation, Privacy, Protection

Europe's blueprint for cyber security excellence

To be European is to be safe, flexible, and aimed at the mid-market. Embracing European values eliminates the need for extensive compliance checks, as they are inherently integrated. Europe's unique landscape, featuring 24 languages and seven time zones, requires a global perspective from the outset. European tech companies offer nimble, trusted, and proven alternatives to the dominating tech giants from other regions.

We believe in the European Way of cyber security, because:

  • Data privacy builds consumer trust in the digital age
  • Regulatory frameworks nurture reliable business practices
  • Sustainable innovation powers long-term business growth
  • Tech that fits the mid-market fuels the economic engines of Europe

Deliver the European Way

Here at WithSecure, we don't just talk the talk - we walk the European walk. Our passion revolves around three core principles:


Our Europe-only offering makes data sovereignty easy

We address cultural nuances, diverse markets, and language and time zone challenges through our dedicated Europe-only offering, which is a best fit for mid-market companies. Data sovereignty is a big deal for you, which also makes it a big deal for us.


Compliant with European regulations by design

Save valuable time by eliminating compliance concerns. Not only are we compliant, our technology seamlessly integrates with European regulations from day 1, speeding your business' compliancy.


We're here for the mid-market's security professionals

Engage with a partner committed to your future. We actively contribute to European tech hubs, drive research, and collaborate with policymakers to simplify regulatory frameworks, making them more accessible to the mid-market.

At the forefront of European cyber security

We provide educational content, news, events, reports, technology, and consulting services. These resources are designed to help you protect your digital assets and achieve every security objective.

European Cyber Security

The EU Cyber Security Strategy

Sets out the vision, goals, and actions for building a resilient, secure, and trustworthy digital space for the EU and its partners.

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The EU Cyber Security Act

It establishes a permanent EU Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) and a framework for cyber security certification of products, services, and processes.

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The EU Cyber Solidarity Act

The EU Cyber Solidarity Act aims to strengthen capacities in the EU to detect, prepare for and respond to significant and large-scale cyber security threats and attacks.

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NIS2 directive

Insights into NIS2 Directive

NIS2 expands the scope of its predecessor, bringing critical sectors like supply chains, food production, and public administration under its protective wing. It introduces standardized incident reporting, ensuring that threats are managed and monitored proactively.

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NIS2 compliance - A practical guide without the fluff

In January 2023, the NIS2 Directive—a revision of the 2016 NIS Directive—came into force. Our webinar outlines the practical ways our technology and services can help you achieve compliance.

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Twelve questions to understand if NIS2 affects your organization

Bureaucratic excitement aside, laws and regulations are often written in blood; NIS2 is no exception.

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WithSecure solutions

Countercept MDR Europe-only

With Europe-only Countercept MDR, your data stays in Europe. Simple as that.

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WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring Service

24/7 protection and access to the world's-best threat hunters at an affordable price.

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WithSecure™ Elements

WithSecure™ Elements is a unified cloud-based cyber security platform offering protection against Malware, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and more.

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