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A comprehensive solution to fit your needs

WithSecure™ Elements is our single modular cyber security solution made up of a full range of cyber security applications. It includes our award-winning vulnerability management, patch management, endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response technologies, M365 coverage as well as cloud security posture management.

Together, they offer end-to-end business and cloud coverage. In today's unpredictable, ever-changing business environment, our all-in-one security platform helps you build and maintain a resilient business.


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Offering highlights

The threat landscape is changing on a daily basis. Hackers are becoming more professional and their equipment more sophisticated. WithSecure Elements is your weapon against cyber criminals.

Predict, prevent, detect and respond. Everything in Elements is managed and monitored through a single cyber security center, which you can manage yourself or through one of our brilliant, certified partners.

WithSecure Elements is your unified, cloud-based cyber security platform. Elevate your security capabilities and gain complete protection against every kind of cyber threat – from targeted attacks to zero-day ransomware. 

Flexible pricing models and a modular structure allow you to pick the cyber security package that works best for you and best suits your business needs. Get complete protection or choose a combination that works for your specific needs.

Elements portfolio

Elements Endpoint Protection

  • Award-winning multi-layer, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware technology
  • Integrated and automated patch management 
  • Application Control prevents unwanted applications from running
  • Manage hardware encryption on your devices 
  • Adapt the security posture of your endpoints based on current threats
  • Enhanced Ransomware protection including rollback, even when data is shared from unmanaged devices 


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Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Automated identification, analysis and visibility of threats via Broad Context Detections
  • Elevate to WithSecure - expert assistance from our world-class threat hunters
  • Identify fileless attacks with memory capture
  • Automate response actions
  • Uses advanced investigation and response tools
  • Remediate from within Elements - no need to log on to the endpoints
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Elements Vulnerability Management

  • Agent and network based vulnerability scanning
  • Consolidated reporting on each asset or device
  • Uses Industry standard vulnerability lists further enhanced by our own consultants
  • Checks configuration of services, not just affected software versions
  • Risk scoring to allows prioritization of work
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Elements Collaboration Protection

  • Secure the complete Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Seamless cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Continuous scanning with multistage analysis, including sandbox detonation
  • Safeguard digital identity by detection of compromised accounts
  • Advanced email security with protection against phishing attacks, malware, ransomware and sophisticated attacks 
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Elements Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Efficient detection of misconfigurations with guidance on remediation steps.
  • Threat model-informed checks based on actual threats observed by our world-class consultants and threat hunters, bringing maximum value to our customers.
  • End-to-end use cases and intuitive views that summarize information to understand risk, security posture and remediation at a glance.
  • Provides assurance to auditors and regulators of adequate cloud security risk and governance controls.
  • Covers multi-cloud IT environments including AWS and Azure, and enables multi-company management for partners


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What's new in Elements

The world of cyber security never stands still – and neither do we. Our experts are constantly looking at ways of improving Elements to make the world safer for us all. Take a look at the latest developments in our Quarterly Update series.

Take a deep dive into WithSecure Elements


We offer a no-obligation trial of Elements, fill in the form today to get a free 30-day trial.

We work with a large number of certified partners who can provide support and purchasing options. You can locate a suitable partner here.

We provide the Elements package together with our certified partners. This way we ensure that you get all the support needed - from onboarding to everyday cyber security issues – to co-secure your organization. WithSecure helps you locate and initiate the right partner for your needs. Find out more here.

Our modular licensing structure and flexible pricing models give your business the freedom to evolve. Choose the best subscription and pricing model for your business from our three options:

  1. Annual licensing - Purchase Elements solutions for a fixed number of years - from 1 to 3 - to make annual budgeting simple.
  2. Monthly subscription - Monthly billing and flexibility to subscribe to new solutions or change the number of solution subscriptions each month as your business evolves.
  3. Usage-based security - Use any or all of the Elements solutions as much as you need. Here, you don’t have to spend any time purchasing and renewing licenses, and Elements can be started or stopped when it suits you. 

The availability of licensing and pricing models varies by country. Please check your local purchase options from our certified partners

You need a web browser in order to download the endpoint installers and allocate both subscriptions and security profiles to the endpoints. We support a wide range of installation methods, and details of these can be found in the Elements Administration Guide. System Requirements can be found in the respective Release notes for each Endpoint application. These can all be found at the WithSecure Help Center.

No. WithSecure Elements is a fully cloud-based solution, accessible from a web browser. You do not need any additional hardware in order to use Elements.

For more information about WithSecure Elements, visit our Community website.

Yes, we provide possibilities to take data, including events, from Elements so that it can be processed further in your SIEM or SOAR system. And with a SOAR, you can send remediation actions directly from your SOAR back to Elements. Please see https://connect.withsecure.com/ for more information.

Case studies

Case Study: Chesterfield College

Chesterfield College is a general further education college located in north Derbyshire.

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Case Study: Ictivity

How a WithSecure partner realized that the human element of cyber security was driving the need for Endpoint Detection and Response.

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Case Study: Móveis Itatiaia

Kitchen manufacturer needed a more efficient security system for the security of remote workers, and protection for the company’s legacy machines.

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Supported systems


Protects against threat vectors

Malware, Ransomware, Advanced persistent threats, Zero Day exploits, Phishing attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), brand and Domain infringement.

How to buy

  • If you know which product(s) you’re interested in, you can contact us below or find a suitable partner from our partner locator
  • If you want to discuss with our experts to understand which Elements product(s) fit your needs the best, you can contact us below

  • You can contact us below or get in touch with your current partner to discuss other Elements products
  • If you would like to change your current partner, you can contact us below  to discuss possibilities with us or locate other potential partners from our partner locator

Visit our partner offering section and contact us to become a partner.

We offer modular and flexible licensing and pricing models, including annual licenses, monthly subscription and usage-based models. The availability varies by country.

Get a no-obligation quote, customized to your needs by contacting us below or getting directly in touch with one of our certified partners from our partner locator

Trusted by a wide array of companies including:

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  • Flexible pricing – we offer modular and flexible pricing models from annual licenses, monthly subscription to usage-based security.
  • All-in-one platform - Elevate your security capabilities and gain complete protection against every kind of cyber threat – from targeted attacks to zero-day ransomware. 
  • Scale your expertise – our certified partners can offer Elements as a managed service, and you can Elevate tough cases to WithSecure experts or use our Co-Monitoring service.

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20 Sep 2023

11 am EET / 10 am CET / 9 am BST and 5 pm EET / 4 pm CET / 3 pm BST / 10 am EST


AI: why now and what does it mean for your security?

Get set for a webinar that will redefine your approach to AI. Joining host Janne Kauhanen in the studio will be renowned cyber security experts Tomi Tuominen, VP of Security, Wolt, and Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at WithSecure™.

The agenda for this 60-minute panel discussion includes:

  • Why we are experiencing an AI explosion right now
  • What vulnerabilities companies need to be aware of
  • The pros and cons of using AI in everyday company life
  • How we can protect ourselves against AI-based attacks – both now and in the future
  • Q&A session


  • Tomi Tuominen, VP of Security, Wolt
  • Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer, WithSecure™   
  • Janne Kauhanen, Cyber Host, WithSecure™