WithSecure™ Elements

Intelligent, efficient cyber security.

Simplify your cyber security and adapt to evolving threats and business needs. Instinctive, modular security capabilities are united with flexible subscription options and expert services.

Stop threats from ransomware to targeted attacks with a single platform.

WithSecure™ Elements is the unified cloud-based cyber security platform designed to reduce risk, complexity, and inefficiency.

Elevate your security from your endpoints to your cloud applications. Arm yourself against every type of cyber threat, from targeted attacks to zero-day ransomware. 

WithSecure™ Elements combines powerful predictive, preventive, and responsive security capabilities – all managed and monitored through a single security center. Our modular structure and flexible pricing models give you the freedom to evolve. With our expertise and insight, you’ll always be empowered – and you’ll never be alone.

What's New

As the attack landscape evolves, so must your defenses. Check out the short video series to see the latest developments of WithSecure Elements.

Unified yet modular cyber security across endpoints and cloud applications.

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Category Support
Supported systems Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Protection against threat vectors Malware, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero Day Exploits, Phishing Attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Brand and Domain Infringement

Your benefits

No more loopholes

Attackers only need one misconfiguration or one ransomware-loaded email to sneak into your system. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Minimize your attack surface with complete preventive protection including a fusion of network-based vulnerability management, endpoint protection, automated patch management and cloud application protection.

No more looking for a needle in a haystack

High-fidelity detections give you a clear picture of what has actually happened without tedious human analysis or alert fatigue. The most advanced AI and data science methods ensure you can focus on the real threats, and only the real threats.

Respond to threats the right way, at the right time

Stay resilient and contain incidents as they arise with our comprehensive response toolkit. Elite threat hunter investigation and guidance is available 24/7 as a pay-as-you-go service. Automated response actions leave nothing to doubt.

Unparalleled visibility and situational awareness

Get enterprise-wide visibility across endpoints, cloud applications and shadow IT. See the big picture of your cyber security posture as it evolves in real-time. Zoom in on details and understand critical dependencies with confidence.

Flexible, modular and adaptable

Customize your security palette with pick and choose modules. Our flexible subscription options range from annual licenses to no-strings-attached usage-based plans. Easily connect WithSecure™ Elements security data with your preferred third-party systems.

As our partner, you are never alone

You can manage the platform in-house, or offload your security management to our certified Managed Service Provider partners – who are backed by our expert services 24/7.

Learn the benefits of WithSecure™ Elements in 90 seconds

  • Complete visibility: Elements puts everything you need into a single pane of glass, including asset prioritization, vulnerability identification, patch management, incident detection and more.
  • Data sharing: Elements gathers and analyzes all data across solutions in real-time, which means when an issue is detected in one area, responses are automatically triggered in all the solutions.
  • Cloud-native management: Updates are handled automatically without the need of additional server investment. Thus allowing you the highest protection level with the lowest update costs.
  • Easy to manage: With a flexible usage-based SaaS option, Elements is super easy to manage in-house. Or it can be bought as a fully-managed subscription service from one of our certified partners.

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Say goodbye to complexity

Manage your core cyber security capabilities from a single console. Highly automated, proactive, and accurate protection simplifies your security operations and eliminates silos. Our unified cloud-based package is easy to manage and easy on your systems, too, leaving you at peak performance.

Why WithSecure™ Elements.

Intelligent. Efficient. Powerful. The unified cyber security platform.


Solid protection with enterprise-wide visibility

Today’s dynamic, complex IT environments lead to broad attack surfaces. By unifying all the elements, you get solid protection and unparalleled visibility into your environment and what is happening inside it. Get comprehensive security coverage for mobiles, desktops, laptops, servers and cloud collaboration applications, across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.


Intelligent detection and response

Our self-learning AI detects the stealthiest targeted attacks. Our comprehensive range of response actions enables you to investigate, contain and remediate threats as the situation at hand requires. Early containment ensures minimal damage. If you are already compromised, you can stop the attacker from establishing a stronger foothold and restore affected devices with remedial response actions.


Simplify your cyber security management

Complexity is the enemy of good cyber security. We offer unified cloud-native security, complementary services, and reliable long-lasting partnerships that make your daily life easier. Highly automated proactive technologies take care of most of the workload for you. All the elements work together as one, eliminating overlaps and silos. Efficient workflows, built-in guidance and risk-based prioritization help you to focus on the most pressing tasks at hand.

WithSecure™ Elements solutions

The solutions provided by WithSecure™ Elements will keep your business safe from modern cyber threats. Get complete protection by combining them all or pick and choose individual capabilities for specific needs.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection is the core element you can count on – and forget. Get efficient, proactive protection against known and zero-day ransomware and malware across computers, mobile devices, and servers. Let our threat intelligence powered behavioral and reputational analytics do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

No one is immune to cyber attacks. WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response gives you the accuracy and speed to detect and respond to real threats instead of combating alert fatigue. The solution is armed with instinctive detection capabilities and versatile response actions to empower you to hunt threats efficiently.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management

Hackers will take advantage of any security loophole caused by slipups or negligence. You can minimize your attack surface and your risk with relentless vulnerability management. Powerful scanning methods across networks, endpoints, and systems help you identify your organization’s assets, and pinpoint exactly where the most critical loopholes are.

Collaboration Protection

Collaboration Protection

WithSecure™ Collaboration Protection

You can’t always control what people click. WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection fortifies Microsoft 365's built-in security measures with a powerful security layer to ward-off malicious content and phishing attacks, and to detect account compromises and inbox rule manipulations.

Elevate to WithSecure™

Elevate to WithSecure™

Elevate to WithSecure™

The sooner you catch the attack, the better. Still, sometimes the situation can be too tricky to handle on your own. When that happens, you are never alone. You get elite threat hunter investigation and response guidance – normally reserved for the most demanding enterprises – as a 24/7 pay-as-you-go service.


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Bulk up your security with an experienced cyber security partner.

For strong defense you need automation, but you need human expertise as well. You can buy Elements as a fully-managed subscription service from one of our certified partners, which means a whole team of world-class cyber security experts will always have your back.

Be confident with award-winning protection - a result of decades of innovation

AV-TEST Best Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection is proven to be the best protection against malware and ransomware. No other solution has won the prestigious AV-TEST Best Protection award as consistently in consecutive reviews.


Independent MITRE ATT&CK® evaluation has confirmed WithSecure’s industry-leading capabilities in detecting advanced attacks with stellar results in every evaluation round over the years.

AV Comparatives

Cost-efficiency has been proven by AV Comparatives analysis. WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response was chosen as a Strategic Leader due to its superior 5-year total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Kitchen manufacturer needed a more efficient security system for the security of remote workers, and protection for the company’s legacy machines.

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