Detect cyber threats to your devices and users, and protect against them


WithSecure™ Elements Extended Detection and Response (XDR)


Protect your most important assets – your people and your devices

WithSecure™ Elements XDR works with you to protect your devices and your users from cyber threats. By bringing all the information available to one place - the WithSecure™ Elements Security Center - your Security Administrator can immediately see the overall security posture of your users and devices. With easy-to-use remediation controls, they can then quickly and effectively handle threats.

Product overview

WithSecure Elements XDR is a unified solution, designed to protect modern IT estates. It minimizes the impact of attacks by using automated and advanced preventative controls that keep incident volumes and lower-level attacks at bay. AI-powered tooling enables fast detection, investigation, and response to threats across endpoints, identities, emails and other cloud-based collaboration services. Organizations can easily gain access to WithSecure expertise to get help with complex detections or widespread major incidents.


Advanced endpoint security

Strong proactive prevention capabilities are the foundation of Elements XDR, in order to block or rollback ransomware, other malware, or even fileless attacks. Endpoints are protected with award-winning advanced endpoint security that is continuously tested by the most reputable independent testing organizations. Advanced protection capabilities, like application control, are supplemented by device control, browsing security, and automated patch management. Broad Context Detection™ acts as the core of our endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to detect even the most advanced threats. This advanced endpoint security covers Windows, macOS, and Linux workstations, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Windows and Linux servers.

Advanced Microsoft 365 email and collaboration protection

Users collaborating on Microsoft 365, as the most widely adopted cloud-based collaboration platform, are protected with advanced capabilities. Collaboration Protection is a module of Elements XDR that adds an extra layer of advanced protection to Microsoft 365-native security capabilities, addressing advanced cyber threats such as ransomware, compromised accounts, phishing and targeted attacks. WithSecure’s cloud integrated approach is designed to protect against modern threats across Microsoft 365 services, including Email, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint, and, unlike legacy secure email gateways, it provides continuous protection without the need for re-routing emails.


Identity-based attack detection

Users and their credentials are protected against identity-based attacks, including scenarios like suspected compromised accounts, use of stolen credentials, suspicious identity and access activity, as well as atypical travel. Suspicious activity performed by a user can be investigated within Elements XDR for a comprehensive view of the recent actions taking place insuspected compromised accounts. Identity-based attack detection is delivered by the WithSecure Elements Identity Security module that supports Microsoft Entra ID.

Why choose WithSecure™ Elements XDR?

Prevent and manage attacks

Prevent and manage modern attacks across your estate by blocking ransomware, malicious files, and URLs, as well as detecting attacks across users, endpoints, email and collaboration tools. It provides threat detection, incident response, and remediation in one easy-to-manage solution.

Investigate and respose

Investigate an attack with Broad Context Detection™ and severity scores that help you prioritize investigations and respond with automation and built-in guidance. WithSecure’s GenAI-based AI experience provides additional, easy to understand context - especially for those with less experience.

Detect identity-based attacks

Detect identity-based attacks and compromised user credentials followed by phishing email campaigns or baiting administrators to accept non-standard authentication flows in their organization.

Extend detection capabilities

Extend your detection capabilities beyond endpoints to cover identities as the new target for attacks due to the rise in remote working and use of cloud services (which rely on Single-Sign On, like Workday, etc.).

All activity in one place

All activity detected from a potentially compromised user is aggregated together so that the investigation can pivot from one central place - i.e. the Elements Broad Context Detection.

On-demand access

You have on-demand access to WithSecure expert for more demanding analysis and investigations, with WithSecure’s optional Co-Monitoring and Incident Response services available if needed.

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