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Right security outcomes with optimal blend of technologies and services

At WithSecure we understand that protecting your business goes beyond protecting mere systems and assets. It’s about securing your outcomes, enhancing compliance, and staying competitive in today’s dynamic landscape. Our mission? To empower you with the right blend of cutting-edge software and expert services, emphasizing a ‘minimum effective mindset’. This means ‘maximizing security effectiveness with minimum spend'.

Prepare for tomorrow, strengthen your digital security today

Our comprehensive Elements Cloud platform seamlessly integrates software, services, and all essential security capabilities into a single unified solution. Through our flexible Elements modules made of cutting-edge software and high-quality services, customers can find the optimal solution for their needs. Together, the modules offer end-to-end business and cloud coverage. In today's unpredictable, ever-changing business environment, our all-in-one security platform helps you build and maintain a resilient business.

WithSecure Elements Cloud is the core of the platform

Elements Cloud includes all security capabilities in one platform. It provides a unified and easy experience for users, is integrable and it’s AI-powered! The flexible software modules provide seamless coverage, from identifying, protecting, detecting and responding to advanced threats.

  • The more companies can de-risk and prepare in Exposure Management side, the better it is for the overall business continuity
  • But if the attack has passed security layers and situation is at hand, we have what it takes to detect and responds effectively with Extended Detection and Response. Ultimately the platform helps to transform from reactive to proactive cyber security operations. Technology alone is not enough. Also processes need to be in place and people with right skills and competences
  • We know this is not the reality with many of our customers. That’s where we join our knowledge and experience with our partners for providing a spectrum of Co-Security services

And we do this together with our partners as the Elements Cloud is really geared to enable WithSecure’s partners to offer robust security solutions to mid-sized companies.

Ready to take the next step in AI-Powered security? 
Let WithSecure™ Luminen take you under it’s wings!

WithSecure Luminen helps all WithSecure Elements Cloud users to make decisions and take actions efficiently, effectively and with better confidence. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) experience that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) in providing WithSecure Elements users contextual and actionable guidance for their cyber security management tasks. 

For example it provides natural language explanations for each Broad Context Detection™, along with relevant threat intelligence. Additionally, it generates multi-lingual summary reports by providing easy-to-understand, human language summaries of new security events across endpoints, identities, email and other collaboration.

WithSecure™ Elements Portfolio

Exposure Management

A continuous proactive solution to predict and prevent breaches against your company’s assets and business operations


A unified solution to protect modern IT estates by minimizing impact of attacks with advanced preventive controls, AI-powered tooling, and access to flexible, round-the-clock expert services.


WithSecure™ Elevate is a threat analysis and guidance service available to Elements Endpoint Security (EDR) customers that validates and investigates difficult detections. 


The WithSecure Co-Monitoring Service provides Elements EDR users with 24/7 validation, investigation, and remediation guidance. Also possibility for monitoring during Out-of-Office times and expanded with seamless escalation to our Incident Response (IR) retainer services.

Managed Detection and Response

WithSecure MDR is a continuous 24/7 detection and response service, in which WithSecure cyber security experts protect your IT environment by investigating and remediating cyber security attacks on your estate using data collected by WithSecure Elements EDR.

Incident Response

WithSecure Incident Response (IR) service is an insurance-like service, which provides SLA-backed, on-demand access to skilled IR resources during a cybersecurity incident, whose primary objective is to ensure the business continuity of the client.

Exposure Management service

Exposure Management service includes three options: Elevate service for escalating tough cases in Exposure Management to WithSecure to get help with prioritization and validation, Proactive Threat Hunting service and Exposure Review service.

WithSecure Countercept

Countercept is our premium MDR service that deals with cyber threats to your organization in minutes. WithSecure Countercept MDR acts as an extension of your cyber security team, sharing out threat hunting expertise, helping your team learn and grow, and continuously improving your security.

What's new in Elements

The world of cyber security never stands still – and neither do we. Our experts are constantly looking at ways of improving Elements to make the world safer for us all. Take a look at the latest developments.

Take a deep dive into WithSecure™ Elements Cloud


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We work with a large number of certified partners who can provide support and purchasing options. You can locate a suitable partner here.

We provide the Elements package together with our certified partners. This way we ensure that you get all the support needed - from onboarding to everyday cyber security issues – to co-secure your organization. WithSecure helps you locate and initiate the right partner for your needs. Find out more here.

Our modular licensing structure and flexible pricing models give your business the freedom to evolve. Choose the best subscription and pricing model for your business from our three options:

  1. Annual licensing - Purchase Elements solutions for a fixed number of years - from 1 to 3 - to make annual budgeting simple.
  2. Monthly subscription - Monthly billing and flexibility to subscribe to new solutions or change the number of solution subscriptions each month as your business evolves.
  3. Usage-based security - Use any or all of the Elements solutions as much as you need. Here, you don’t have to spend any time purchasing and renewing licenses, and Elements can be started or stopped when it suits you. 

The availability of licensing and pricing models varies by country. Please check your local purchase options from our certified partners

You need a web browser in order to download the endpoint installers and allocate both subscriptions and security profiles to the endpoints. We support a wide range of installation methods, and details of these can be found in the Elements Administration Guide. System Requirements can be found in the respective Release notes for each Endpoint application. These can all be found at the WithSecure Help Center.

No. WithSecure Elements is a fully cloud-based solution, accessible from a web browser. You do not need any additional hardware in order to use Elements.

For more information about WithSecure Elements, visit our Community website.

Yes, we provide possibilities to take data, including events, from Elements so that it can be processed further in your SIEM or SOAR system. And with a SOAR, you can send remediation actions directly from your SOAR back to Elements. Please see for more information.

Case studies

Case Study: Chesterfield College

Chesterfield College is a general further education college located in north Derbyshire.

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Case Study: Ictivity

How a WithSecure partner realized that the human element of cyber security was driving the need for Endpoint Detection and Response.

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Case Study: Móveis Itatiaia

Kitchen manufacturer needed a more efficient security system for the security of remote workers, and protection for the company’s legacy machines.

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Product brochures Our technology

  • Unique and proprietary technologies such as WithSecure Rollback for advanced malware protection and DeepGuard that provides a critical layer of defense against new threats.
  • To meet the demanding standards, the Elements Cloud utilizes a multi-layered approach to security and leverages various modern technologies, such as heuristic and behavioral threat analysis, and real-time threat intelligence provided via the WithSecure™ Security Cloud.
  • Elements Cloud evolves as the threat landscape changes and as we co-create with our partners and customers. We listen what is needed to manage the everyday operations efficiently and implement it in Elements Cloud.
  • Full situational awareness in one unified management console called Elements Security Center.  Enriched overall cybersecurity risk posture, reduced total cost of managing security incidents and improved incident response management.

  • Our new AI experience called W/Luminen adds Generative AI powered capabilities to Broad Context Detection™. It provides natural language explanations with relevant threat intelligence and multi-lingual summary reports that are designed to help overworked and understaffed customers to understand the activities.
  • WithSecure has been using multiple machine learning models to support detection and response capabilities since 2006. WithSecure is using advanced heuristic rules for AI engine that acts as the core of Elements XDR. It is supplemented with a broad range of machine learning models that look for anomalies or common good behavior to reduce false positive detections.


  • Optimized user experience: Elements Security Center user interface is extremely easy and intuitive. It works for various user types, from managing one company to multiple companies with thousands of devices. Holistic view on security posture with unified data visualization builds efficiency for daily work. Elements platform actively engages and guides users to take relevant benefits into use.
  • AI & LLM powered Elements user experience helps in upskilling our partners and users by providing more actionable guidance in Elements Security Center.

  • Built for co-security - powerful tools for MSP’s to offer cyber security as part of their services.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of capability options that fit their current need.
  • Elements adapts from self-managed service to fully outsourced – with many options in between.
  • Smooth integrations to SIEM & SOAR for easy management in customers’ own systems.
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Supported systems

Protects against threat vectors

Malware, Ransomware, Advanced persistent threats, Zero Day exploits, Phishing attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), brand and Domain infringement.

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