WithSecure™ Launches Luminen: Supercharges IT Teams with Free GenAI Cyber Security Capabilities

PRESS RELEASE | May 23, 2024

Helsinki, Finland – May 23, 2024: WithSecure™ (formerly known as F-Secure Business) has announced the launch of Luminen. The powerful Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) experience significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of today's busy and understaffed cyber defense teams by simplifying complex tasks and providing contextual guidance. WithSecure™ Luminen is now available for its Elements Cloud platform at no additional cost.

Leveraging advanced Large Language Models (LLM) capabilities, WithSecure™ Luminen enables IT security teams to manage their workload even in challenging, resource-constrained environments. It delivers precise and actionable recommendations that drive productivity gains. Luminen’s advanced algorithms provide a deeper analysis of security incidents, automate actions, offer richer contextual insights, and enable flexible interaction with data, ensuring defenders can make both swift and informed decisions. Luminen lowers the bar for security administrators, making it easier for non-security experts to confidently navigate cyber security'scomplicated landscape.

"We are committed to integrating the new generation of GenAI algorithms only when they meet our high standards of quality and strict privacy protocols. In other words, we are not leveraging AI merely for the sake of adopting new technology,” says Leszek Tasiemski, Vice President Foundation Product Management at WithSecure™. “Our approach ensures that each AI-driven solution we deploy is not only powerful and effective but also upholds the highest levels of data security and user trust. Luminen exemplifies this commitment, offering advanced cyber security capabilities that genuinely enhance our customers' productivity and protection efforts," Tasiemski concludes.

Luminen's key benefits

  • Maximizes efficiency with limited resources: Luminen’s GenAI capabilities enable cyber defenders to significantly enhance their productivity, helping organizations protect themselves more effectively against cyber threats.
  • High quality and unmatched ease of use: Luminen reduces the risk of incorrect recommendations from poorly crafted prompts by using preprocessed data and predefined, pre-tested prompt options. This structured approach eliminates the need for an unlimited chat-like interface, making Luminen’s capabilities easy to understand and fully embedded within WithSecure™ Elements Cloud's existing products. We are lowering the bar for people to excel in cyber security.
  • Uncompromising privacy standards: As a leading European cybersecurity company, WithSecure™ adheres to some of the world’s strictest privacy standards. Luminen utilizes proven foundational models that are model-agnostic and continuously improved without using data from user prompts. Each GenAI model is dedicated to a single organization, eliminating any risk of cross-organizational data exposure.

Responsible AI use

WithSecure™ has been at the forefront of AI innovation for many years, long before it became mainstream technology. The company’s AI journey began nearly a decade ago, with multiple machine learning models enhancing its detection and response capabilities. WithSecure™ is committed to the responsible use of AI, maintaining high-quality standards and strict privacy protocols while minimizing energy usage and environmental impact.

For more information about WithSecure™ Luminen, visit: https://www.withsecure.com/en/solutions/software-and-services/withsecure-luminen

WithSecure™ media relations
Inari Anttila

About WithSecure™

WithSecure™, formerly F-Secure Business, is Europe's cyber security partner of choice. Trusted by IT service providers, MSSPs, and businesses worldwide, we deliver outcome-based cyber security solutions that protect mid-market companies. Committed to the European Way of data protection, WithSecure prioritizes privacy, data sovereignty, and regulatory compliance. 

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