The 7 Hidden Truths of Cloud Security

In this report, we reveal the hidden truths of cloud security – some commonplace, some more obscure - and present a successful formula for keeping users, data and systems secure.


The dream has become everyday reality

Based on extensive, up-to-date knowledge and experience from our consultants, threat hunters and incident responders, the report shows how attackers are bypassing cloud security – and what you can do to stop them.

Download The 7 Hidden Truths of Cloud Security and you will learn how to:

  • Gain full visibility of your estate
  • Simplify multi-cloud security configuration
  • Prevent identity-based attacks with confidence
  • Supercharge cloud endpoint security
  • Unify your on-premise and cloud defenses
  • Avoid confusion over cloud data security responsibilities
  • Stay secure without stifling cloud collaboration

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How to detect, identify and successfully respond to common cloud attacks

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The benefits of moving security management to the cloud

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  • Pay as you use services
  • Less focus on maintenance - more focus on security
  • Benefits from cloud-based automation and scalability

Chapters highlights


You can’t secure what you don’t see

  • Hidden Truth 1

Cloud visibility is a different twist on an outstanding challenge for IT departments: Shadow IT.


Cloud misconfiguration is everywhere

  • Hidden Truth 2

A combination of flexibility and public access means that secure configuration for Cloud is both vital and difficult.


Cloud has changed the game for everyone

  • Hidden Truth 3

In the Cloud, no-one knows you’re a VM.Identity-based attacks are on the rise as more and more organizations move to Cloud and applications delivered as a service, commonly referred to as XaaS.


Endpoints must still be defended

  • Hidden Truth 4

Even with UEBA in place, endpoints become entry points to the cloud. The attack surface has increased.


Split defenses result in weaknesses

  • Hidden Truth 5

It's incredibly difficult to only inhabit the cloud; every organization will have at least a small physical endpoint presence when it comes to IT.

No one knows who is responsible for data in the cloud

  • Hidden Truth 6

It’s a well-known expression that ‘data is the new oil’ – an extremely valuable asset for any organization.

Collaboration platforms will only become more important

  • Hidden Truth 7

Collaboration platforms will only become more important Not many of us work from corporate offices today, and it’s likely we won’t in the future either.

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