The CISOs' New Dawn

An independent research study by Omnisperience for WithSecure™ Countercept

Hear from 28 senior information security officers across the US, UK and Europe about how 2020 changed their working lives - and how 2021 will be very different.

WithSecure™ Countercept briefed Omnisperience to interview global CISOs about how their roles were evolving during one of the most transformative years in modern history. The output of these conversations? Unfiltered responses from a range senior information security officers in the US, UK and Europe.  

In this report, you’ll learn how a group of cyber experts are getting to grips with immediate problems - and coming to terms with the rapid evolution of a role only 27 years old. 


Explore all four chapters of our report:

  • An effective security leader
    How CISOs stepped up to the challenges of 2020, and what it means for their roles in 2021 
  • A reality check
    New responsibilities and recognition have resulted in new challenges and pressures for our interviewees and their teams 
  • The Cyber threat surface
    A look at adversaries and the threat surface from the perspective of our CISO panel 
  • Cyber triggers influence change
    Our CISOs react to myriad changes to their organization's threat profile and adapt to their expanded roles 

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Przetwarzamy dane osobowe, które nam udostępniasz, zgodnie z naszą Korporacyjną Polityką Prywatności Biznesu.

An effective security leader

Chapter 1

Our panels most pressing priorities over the last 18 months

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A reality check

Chapter 2

With great power comes great responsibility - and a to-do list

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The cyber threat surface

Chapter 3

What adversaries are up to - and what keeps CSIOs awake at night

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Cyber triggers influence change

Chapter 4

Evolving threats force change on companies and CISOs

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