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Hvide Sande secures their network with advanced endpoint detection and response


Case study: Hvide Sande

Advanced security, less hassle

Hvide Sande provides shipbuilding and maintenance services and solutions for shipowners worldwide. When the company discovered that some of their email accounts have been compromised and that some crypto locker incidents went undetected by their traditional antivirus software, they realized that they would need a stronger layer of protection with native capabilities of detecting more sophisticated threats.

Hvide Sande needed a solution that would not require any additional headcount or in-house expertise. They chose WithSecure’s EDR solution WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response, which was managed by an IT services provider Kortermann-IT. Kortermann-IT was solely responsible for managing WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection & Response solution for Hvide Sande, contacting the company only if something suspicious is detected.

"Most companies realize they need more security than traditional antivirus solutions only after they have faced a breach. Unfortunately, companies that have not yet faced a breach often fail to understand how important it is to have a solution like WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response. I would definitely recommend WithSecure for other organizations that are looking into improving their approach to detection and response.”

Henrik Kortermann, CEO of Kortermann-IT

Main challenges:

  • Hvide Sande needed to upgrade their cybersecurity to get more protection than traditional antivirus solutions.
  • They did not have the necessary resources to assemble an in-house team.
  • Hvide Sande wanted a solution they wouldn’t have to worry about, one that would reduce their stress by monitoring the situation for them

Automated and worry-free

In the words of Jeppe Hoff, “The advanced threat monitoring is super easy and worry-free for our team since it is almost invisible to us. Our team can sleep better at night knowing that the IT environment is being continuously monitored.”

Hvide Sande’s priority was to find a solution that would allow them to continue their business operation without constantly worrying about their cybersecurity. Kortermann-IT used WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response, monitoring the company’s IT environment during business hours and promptly notifying Hvide Sande if a real cyber-attack has been detected. This also allowed them to stop an attack in the middle of the night with automated remote response capabilities, ensuring Hvide Sande a greater peace of mind.

In the event of a targeted cyber-attack, WithSecure’s specialized cybersecurity experts were available on-demand to perform a detailed forensics analysis and provide response guidance from experienced threat hunters. Having immediate access to a group of highly skilled security experts provided another layer of security for Hvide Sande.


  • Hvide Sande gained immediate visibility into their IT environment, including all processes running on endpoints in their network.
  • WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response documented cyber threats as a series of detected actions and sub-actions in the monitored IT environment.
  • WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response added a virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response (IR) to their network, therefore, relieving their IT team from a hands-on threat monitoring.
  • AI-enabled automated remote response eliminated the need for manual interference in the event of an attack.

Hvide Sande is also looking into more security improvements for the future, including cloud service protection and issues related to the European Union’s GDPR.

"WithSecure’s cloud-based security solution for detecting advanced threats turned out to be really good for us and also made it easier for our IT services provider to provide outsourced security monitoring services.”

Jeppe Hoff, IT Manager

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  • Hvide Sande provides shipbuilding and maintenance services and solutions for shipowners worldwide. Since 1950 they have remained strong in the changing market environment thanks to their innovativeness and adaptability.

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