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Capture the Flag events are the perfect complement to our area-specific training courses.

They provide an opportunity for fun, self-driven learning where participants can practice, learn, and teach each other new skills.

They´re a great way to improve team work, sharpen people´s problem-solving skills and spot-talent.

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Who can take part in CTFs?

We curate the content and structure of our Capture the Flag events specifically for your team, from skill-level, to objective and time limit. Everyone can be catered for: from seasoned security professionals, to developers just getting to know security.


The Platform

Our CTF environments are run on WithSecure™ Playground: our very own in-cloud platform, providing on-demand, remote access to training labs and infrastructure. Playground has expert origins, as the platform built by our consultants to train and experiment with real-world scenarios in-house.


The format

Capture the Flag events can be run in many ways by selecting options from the different design levels. We'll work with you to find the right combination, suited to your team and wider business objectives.

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