WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management Puts Businesses Ahead of Attackers

Press Release  |  May 29, 2024


WithSecure™ Elements Cloud adds a new intelligent solution and service that offers a 360° view of cyber risks so businesses can remediate exposures through an attacker’s lens.

Helsinki, Finland – May 29, 2024: WithSecure™ (formerly F-Secure Business) is leading the transition to proactive cyber security with the launch of WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management for partners and customers to help organizations discover and act on digital exposures before cyber criminals do.

WithSecure™ Elements Exposure Management is a continuous and proactive solution that predicts and prevents breaches against an organization’s assets and business operations. The solution provides 360° visibility of the attack surface and enables the efficient remediation of its highest-impact exposures through a unified view, thanks to exposure scoring and AI-enabled recommendations.

“Organizations have increasingly hybrid environments with unclear borders, yet too many organizations remain stuck in a siloed approach to cyber security,” says Mika Lindroos, Product Director, WithSecure™ Exposure Management. “This reactive mentality turns activities like penetration testing, threat intelligence management, and vulnerability scanning into an endless laundry list of to-dos without clear priorities. Exposure Management puts you ahead of attackers and regulatory burdens with exactly the intelligence you need right when you need it.”

A recent European Digital SME Alliance report found a 57% increase in cyber attacks in Europe, as rapidly expanding attack surfaces and the professionalization of cyber crime challenge companies to optimize resources.*

“With our Exposure Management dashboard, you get a unified view of your attack surface, the business-critical assets at risk, and actionable steps that help you eliminate the choke points that attackers love to exploit,” Lindroos adds. “And our AI-powered recommendation engine is like having analysts hunting for attack paths into your organization twenty-four hours a day.”

Exposure Management has been meticulously designed for mid-market businesses and their security service partners. It is available through WithSecure™ Elements Cloud, managed by a trusted service provider or in-house. This flexibility ensures companies can tailor their cyber security to their specific needs.

WithSecure™Elements Exposure Management was launched for partners and customers today at SPHERE, WithSecure’s annual co-security unconference. WithSecure begins onboarding first partners to Exposure Management immediately.

“Small-and-medium-sized organizations need the quickest and easiest actions to take to predict and prevent breaches,” Lindroos says. “Co-created with our European partners, Exposure Management is built to minimize the effort it takes to remediate exposures while maximizing the impact.”

Find out more about WithSecure Elements Exposure Management at https://www.withsecure.com/en/solutions/software-and-services/withsecure-elements-exposure-management.


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Inari Anttila

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WithSecure™, formerly F-Secure Business, is Europe's cyber security partner of choice. Trusted by IT service providers, MSSPs, and businesses worldwide, we deliver outcome-based cyber security solutions that protect mid-market companies. Committed to the European Way of data protection, WithSecure prioritizes privacy, data sovereignty, and regulatory compliance.

Boasting more than 35 years of industry experience, WithSecure™ has designed its portfolio to navigate the paradigm shift from reactive to proactive cyber security. In alignment with its commitment to collaborative growth, WithSecure™ offers partners flexible commercial models, ensuring mutual success across the dynamic cyber security landscape.

Central to WithSecure's™ cutting-edge offerings is Elements Cloud which seamlessly integrates AI-powered technologies, human expertise, and co-security services. Further, it empowers mid-market customers with modular capabilities spanning endpoint and cloud protection, threat detection and response, and exposure management.

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