WithSecure™ makes fight against cyber crime visible by capturing malware in art

Press Release  |  June 19, 2024


First exhibit of the new Museum of Malware Art pre-launched, join the creation of the ILOVEYOU virus sculpture by donating old computer mice.

Helsinki, Finland – 19 June, 2024: WithSecure™ (formerly F-Secure Business) is transforming the abstract world of cyber security into an accessible and engaging experience with the launch of its Museum of Malware Art. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge the gap between complex technical issues and the general public through captivating and educational art installations. The museum is set to open in November 2024 at WithSecure’s new headquarters in Wood City, Helsinki.

Making cyber security tangible

Cyber security often feels abstract and distant from daily life. WithSecure's Museum of Malware Art seeks to change this by showcasing art pieces inspired by real-world cyber threats, turning technical data into thought-provoking exhibits. Curated by industry veteran and WithSecure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen, along with a team of cyber security researchers, threat intelligence experts, and creatives, the museum features prominent malware transformed into art.

“Cyber security is a collective responsibility. Our goal is to demystify it and make it relatable to everyone,” says Mikko Hyppönen. “By turning cyber threats into art, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and awareness. We believe that making cybersecurity visible and understandable can inspire action and collaboration in the fight against cyber crime.”

Introducing Threatscape: the first exhibit

The museum's debut installation, Threatscape, is an interactive piece based on real-world threat data from WithSecure Intelligence. Utilizing advanced AI technology, Threatscape allows visitors to engage with visual representations of cyber threats, catch malware, and gain insights into how these threats operate.

“Threatscape is not just an art installation; it’s an educational tool,” explains Tim West, Director of Threat Intelligence and Outreach at WithSecure. “We’ve combined cutting-edge technology with creative design to create an immersive experience that educates and inspires.”

Threatscape was successfully previewed at WithSecure’s annual co-security unconference, SPHERE, in May 2024.

Call for public participation: the ILOVEYOU virus sculpture

WithSecure invites the public to contribute to one of the museum's most prominent pieces: a sculpture made from crowdsourced computer mice. This exhibit will pay homage to the infamous ILOVEYOU virus, which wreaked havoc in May 2000. By donating old computer mice, individuals can contribute to a powerful piece that tells the story of one of the most notorious cyber threats in history. The sculpture aims to highlight the human element and psychological impact of malware.

International artists to build exhibits

In collaboration with creative agency United Imaginations, WithSecure has selected several international artists to help create and build the first exhibits for the Museum of Malware Art. The museum will open its doors in November 2024 at WithSecure’s new headquarters in Wood City, Helsinki. This launch marks a significant step in WithSecure’s mission to make cyber security accessible and engaging for all.

For more information on how to contribute and to stay updated on the Museum of Malware Art, please visit WithSecure’s website: https://www.withsecure.com/en/experiences/museum-of-malware-art

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