WithSecure™ partners with Munich Cyber Security Conference 2024

Press Release  |  February 15, 2024

WithSecure™ (formerly known as F-Secure Business) proudly announces its support as a partner for the Munich Cyber Security Conference (MCSC) 2024.

Helsinki – 15 February 2024: As a flagship of European cybersecurity, WithSecure™ brings its expertise and insights from combatting cyber attacks to this event. Against a backdrop of escalating geopolitical tensions, Europe strategically embraces technological sovereignty, acknowledging both the risks of global dependencies and the need to fortify European cyber security capabilities. This strategic move is particularly vital for the mid-market segment, recognized as a key growth driver for European economies.

Scheduled for February 15-16, 2024, at the Chamber of Commerce Munich (IHK), the MCSC provides a unique platform for high-profile industry executives to connect with leading experts from academia and politics. The conference will facilitate discussions on advancing cyber security, focusing on effective strategies to address the current threat landscape and offering insights into the future evolution of cyber security policies.

Peter Möhring, Managing Director of Security Network Munich, expresses his satisfaction with the partnership, stating, "MCSC is only possible through the support of our partners. I am very happy to have WithSecure™ as a new partner of this year´s conference. I know them since my early days in information security, at the time labeled F-Secure. Their expertise will certainly contribute to the discussions and meetings during the conference. I am especially happy to have a Finnish Partner joining given the recent geopolitical developments and Finland's new role in NATO.”

In the dynamic field of cyber security, the convergence of the upcoming Network and Information Systems Security (NIS2) regulation, artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, and ongoing geopolitical crises poses new challenges and opportunities for businesses. Companies operating in critical sectors, including energy, finance, and healthcare, now face heightened scrutiny, compelling them to adopt robust cyber security practices for compliance with the new NIS2 directive.

The integration of AI into cyber security practices provides great benefits to network defenders, but its availability and ubiquity can be a double-edged sword. While AI enhances threat detection and response capabilities, WithSecure™ Intelligence team's ongoing research reveals that malicious actors are increasingly exploring AI for sophisticated cyber attacks. As businesses deploy AI-driven security solutions, the battleground between defenders and attackers may start to shift, creating a cat-and-mouse game with far-reaching implications for the cyber security landscape.

Furthermore, ongoing geopolitical crises have extensive implications on the global cyber threat landscape. State-sponsored cyber attacks pose challenges for both governments and businesses, with nation-states exploiting digital vulnerabilities for strategic, financial advantages, or engaging in cyber espionage and disruptive attacks.

"With companies, especially in the mid-market, navigating this complex terrain, managing cyber risk has become a delicate balancing act," comments Tiina Sarhimaa, Chief Legal Officer at WithSecure™. "As businesses strive to strengthen their cyber defenses, a holistic approach that combines regulatory compliance, resilience against the evolving threat landscape, and a nuanced understanding of geopolitical threats is paramount. The intersection of NIS2, AI, and geopolitical crises not only amplifies cyber risks but underscores the imperative for businesses to stay agile and proactive."

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