Ensure resilience against malware and ransomware

Handle threats at any stage of attack.

Being successful against malware doesn’t mean you never get hit. It means you get back up while hardly missing a beat.

Staying out of the headlines, continuing operations, and delivering for your customers in the midst of an attack are no fluke. They’re the result of careful thought and planning with the help of an experienced partner who’s seen too many companies caught off-guard. We want to help you be a textbook case for what to do right.

With email still being the most common malware attack vector, you need top-notch protection and detection capabilities for endpoint and the cloud. What’s more, every business needs the right expertise to harden your attack surface and anticipate and hunt down threats. And finally, the right response enables you to remain resilient and continue doing business – even when you’re under attack. 

WithSecure Ensure resilience against malware and ransomware

Out of the 55 new ransomware families tracked by WithSecure™ last year, nearly 40% were observed not only locking up files and systems, but exfiltrating data from victims.

Source: F-Secure Attack Landscape Update 2021

Get ahead of malware.

Protect your endpoints and cloud. Detect and respond to targeted attacks. Partner with our experts to help reduce your attack surface, protect your applications, test your resilience, and hunt out the threats in your environment.

Software and services

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection

Elements Collaboration Protection is designed to add a powerful extra layer to Microsoft 365’s native security features, keeping you protected against even the most sophisticated phishing, malicious content and targeted attacks.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response gives you instant visibility into your IT environment and security status from a single pane of glass. It keeps your business and data safe by detecting attacks fast and responding with expert guidance.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is part of WithSecure™ Elements, the one platform that delivers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection; and detection and response - managed from a single security console. Use individual solutions for specific needs or get complete protection by combining them all.

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Attack Surface Management

Our consultants’ understanding of modern offensive tradecraft keeps your detection ability in line with the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of modern adversaries. And as changes take place in your environment, our technology helps you ensure this capability is maintained.

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Adversary simulation

Delivered as part of a broader, continuous cyber development program, adversarial simulation is an essential step towards cyber resilience. What makes all the difference is working with a partner for whom safeguarding and communication are just as important as technical finesse.

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Application Security

We can support the implementation of secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC) principles within your team, including secure code development, threat modelling, and design reviews. Delivered point-in-time or continuously, this work can help you identify common best practices and reusable design patterns.

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Managed services

WithSecure™ Countercept

Countercept is a threat-driven service designed to be effective in the 'grey area' where legitimate activity masks malicious intent. They respond to incidents in minutes - and resolve most of them within hours.

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