Optimize your detection and response capabilities

The competence to detect, the readiness to respond.

Cyber resilience. It’s what enables an organization to accelerate and grow business, despite disruption.

And it starts with getting off your backside, doing some active threat hunting and being ready to respond

Countercept does not work like a SOC. We were not sitting there waiting for alerts. Threat hunters dedicate their time to actively investigating a client’s network systems looking for signs of compromise for which there isn’t already a signature.

We automate threat hunts so that it can continuously look for these threats while we could concentrate on the next threats. Because much of the automation is bespoke to the client’s environment, the false positive rate is <5%.

We launched Countercept, the world’s first threat research-driven detection and response service for the commercial market, in 2016. To date, not one of our clients has suffered a significant business impact as a result of a cyber incident, whilst we have been protecting them. 

“50% of companies will adopt Managed Detection and Response services by 2025”

Source: Gartner

Level up your capabilities, improve your processes.

We’ll help you prepare to succeed when under attack. The strength of our solutions and services is our understanding of the threats and the attackers behind them. Our services are tailored to help you prepare, investigate, respond, recover – and then improve for next time. Our technology is trained by experts who work in the trenches every day defending companies from attacks – so you benefit from their battles.

Software and services

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response gives you instant visibility into your IT environment and security status from a single pane of glass. It keeps your business and data safe by detecting attacks fast and responding with expert guidance.

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Attack Detection

Your most valuable data lives on the endpoint. So you need an easy way to identify and prioritize endpoint risks and respond fast when something happens. Keep your business and data safe by detecting attacks fast with expert guidance.

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Incident Readiness and Response

Prepare, investigate, respond, recover, then improve. Move from reactive to proactive incident response (IR) and reduce the cost and impact of compromises by rapidly containing and eradicating your adversaries.

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Managed services

WithSecure™ Countercept

Countercept is a threat-driven service designed to be effective in the 'grey area' where legitimate activity masks malicious intent. They respond to incidents in minutes - and resolve most of them within hours.

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