Safeguard your critical data

Protect the corporate and customer data your business runs on.

Data – it's central to the way your business operates.

Your corporate data, intellectual property, and customer data enable your operations, innovation, and customer relationships.

Protecting the sensitive data in your systems is paramount to protecting relationships with your partners and customers, as well as maintaining your competitive edge, your reputation and your brand. Ineffective data security can also expose your organization to GDPR fines and other regulatory penalties. 

You’ve done the work to amass the data – make sure it never gets in the hands of an unauthorized party. 


Security leaders in finance industry state that compliance to industry standards is one of their top 5 security priorities.

Source: F-Secure 2021 Priorities for European Security Leaders

Anticipate and stop threats to data

Data security is not a one-time event. It’s an endeavor that never stops – and neither do we. Our vulnerability management and endpoint protection help you stay on top of your environment’s security status every day. Our consultants use their understanding of modern offensive tradecraft to make sure your detection capability is always in line with the methods of modern attackers. So sensitive data stays just where it should – in your control.

Software and services

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management

Easy-to-deploy scanner for your whole network and all its assets. WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management scans the deep web, fights brand exploit and reduces your total costs.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is part of WithSecure™ Elements, the one platform that delivers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection; and detection and response - managed from a single security console. Use individual solutions for specific needs or get complete protection by combining them all.

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Attack Detection

Defensive teams with an understanding of an attacker mindset are better equipped to anticipate malicious actions and utilize detection by pushing the enemy along a specific “trip wired” path. If successful, this can result in a strategic ambush. Such opportunities rely on well-tuned technology and rehearsed use cases.

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