Proactive Mobile Defense

3 Days | Face to Face

Hack your way into a mobile app, discovering the full range of capabilities used by attackers – and the mindset behind their actions.

Attackers are increasingly focusing their efforts on compromising mobile applications. 

With mobile usage having surpassed laptop and desktop, now’s the time to understand: how attackers target mobile apps, the mindset behind their actions, and what you can do to ensure yours are resilient to such threats.

What are the features?

This course uses step-by-step tutorials and practical exercises to give participants working knowledge of mobile hacking on iOS and Android. Understanding the basic principles of vulnerability hunting on-platform, all the way through to advanced exploitation techniques, will equip you to develop secure and resilient mobile apps for your organization or clients.

Business orientated

Practical, exercise-driven, and business-focused.


Written and delivered by our consultants – experienced cyber security professionals, responsible for network penetration tests, daily.


Focused on the offensive techniques and capabilities of modern attackers, and how to defend against them.


Free reign to attack a realistic, simulated network, teaching you core principles that can’t be achieved with a defensive mindset alone.


Teaches how to implement robust cyber security measures to suit your organization, way beyond the basics.


Covers: secure coding principles, design and source code reviews, and vulnerability assessment tools.


Developed by the same people behind publications such as The Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook and tools like Drozer and Needle.

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Who should attend?

This is a technical course aimed at Android and iOS developers, but it’s suitable for anyone with a technical interest in mobile application security. You don’t require any prior cyber security knowledge to benefit, but working knowledge of both Android and iOS is a must. We also recommend that you’re familiar with the syntax and structure of Android and iOS applications, basic internal and external communications, as well as accessing resources from an application.

  • Get into the head of an attacker with advanced mobile hacking abilities
  • Identify, exploit, and remediate common mobile application security flaws, over and above the OWASP Mobile Top Ten
  • Learn from experts who’ve written books, developed tools, and taken part in global mobile hacking competitions, like Mobile Pwn2Own
  • Get the skills to develop secure mobile applications that withstand advanced attacks, using the most up-to-date and effective secure coding practices
Course highlights

Course highlights

  • Identify, exploit, and remediate all the common web application security flaws over and above the OWASP Top Ten
  • Build secure web applications that withstand advanced attacks
  • Learn how hackers attack web applications, web servers and database servers
  • Deploy secure web and database servers that can withstand an attack
  • Build a development team with the most up-to-date and effective secure coding practices at their disposal

Benefits to your organization

From your team to the board, everyone needs results, which is why our courses come with their own individual business case.

This 3-day Proactive Mobile Defense course will:

  • Strengthen your mobile apps’ resilience to attacks, including the most advanced threats
  • Kick-start a reputation of cyber security excellence to improve relationships with third parties and prospective employees
  • Increase your understanding of cyber security, reducing the time and cost of remediating vulnerabilities
  • Facilitate a positive attitude and an understanding of the importance of security within the mobile development team

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