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Product lifecycle policies


Products reach their end of life for various reasons. These reasons may be due to changes in demand, technology innovation and changes in competitive landscape, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by new ones.

While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, WithSecure recognizes that end-of-life milestones often prompt customers to review the way in which such milestones impact the WithSecure products in their environments.

With this in mind, we have set out WithSecure's End of Life Policy to help customers better manage product end-of-life transition and to understand the role that WithSecure can play in helping them to migrate to alternative WithSecure products and solutions.

Risk of using product after their End-of-Life date

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, which also means changes in the protection offered by WithSecure. Old products cannot respond to all the current threats.

Security fixes and non-security fixes are not provided for unsupported product versions. Virus definition updates are not tested with End-of-Lifed products. This may decrease the protection capability and reliability of old products, causing, for example, the malfunctioning of the product, conflicts with third party software, false positives and negatives.

Cloud Protection for Salesforce policy

Salesforce platform support policy

Salesforce makes major updates to their platform three times a year, usually in their Spring, Summer, and Winter releases. Salesforce plans their platform updates months in advance and communicates the schedule to partners and customers through update sessions for the Salesforce roadmap. Salesforce first validates pre-release updates in sandboxes and then automatically rolls out new platform releases to production environments globally.

WithSecure™ is committed to supporting the latest Salesforce platform updates and providing full product compatibility with new releases before they are deployed to the production environments. When changes introduced in a Salesforce platform release break compatibility, WithSecure™ may release new versions of the Cloud Protection application to address and fix compatibility issues.

Version change policy

The product lifecycle consists of major, minor, and maintenance versions of the product. Typical changes in the product per version type include:

  • Major (M.0)
  • Distinctively new generation of product or significant changes in the product functionality, performance, or security
  • New integration with the Salesforce platform, WithSecure™, or 3rd party services
  • Minor (x.N)
  • New features and improvements
  • Support for Salesforce platform updates
  • Support for new languages
  • Maintenance (x.x.C)
  • Maintenance releases (also known as patches) address defects or vulnerabilities
  • Maintenance releases may bring small improvements for existing features and functionality

WithSecure™ reserves the right to discontinue or deprecate existing functionality from a new (major or minor) product version based on changes in the threat landscape, market situation, Salesforce platform, or any other business reason. All such changes are noted in the product release notes.

Product version support policy

The product version policy is applied to the WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application. WithSecure's Security Cloud and other backend systems used by the application follow an internal lifecycle policy and do not require any actions from customers. WithSecure™ updates the Security Cloud and other services without any impact to the application functionality and performance.

Support for major and minor product versions is a minimum of 12 months from general availability or 3 months from the release of the next major or minor version, whichever is shorter.

WithSecure™ may release a new major or minor release of the WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application to support any new updates to the Salesforce platform. In such cases, the previous version of the WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application is announced as reaching end of life once the new version of the WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application becomes generally available.

Maintenance releases do not extend the lifespan. A new maintenance release automatically deprecates any previous maintenance release within the same major or minor version.

Product update policy

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application can be updated by installing a new version from the Salesforce AppExchange. WithSecure™ highly recommends customers to validate a new version of the application in sandbox environments before deploying it to production.

The customer is responsible for updating the WithSecure™ Cloud Protection application in their production and sandbox environments, even if they choose to opt out of automatic updates, and for making sure that they are using the officially supported version.

WithSecure™ provides automatic product updates free of charge to all customers with valid licenses. The automatic update function is enabled by default. The customer can define the preferred weekday and time for installing a new version of the WithSecure™ application in their production or sandbox environment.

It is possible to disable automatic product updates. However, WithSecure may update the application irrespective the customer's configuration if there is a critical defect or vulnerability that can impact performance or compromise the security of the customer's Salesforce organization. If the customer does not upgrade to the new version before the previous version reaches end of life, WithSecure™ reserves the right to update the software (both the sandbox and production environments) remotely on behalf of the customer.

End-of-life communication policy

WithSecure™ makes end-of-life product announcements on the End-of-Life Announcements page ( We encourage customers to visit the site regularly as it contains useful information regarding WithSecure's end-of-life program.

To inform partners and customers well in advance of any approaching end-of-life milestones, WithSecure™ sends an electronic notification at least 30 days prior to the product's end of life.

Change policy

WithSecure™ reserves the right to change this policy without prior notice, in which case the new policy will be made available to partners and customers on the supported products page.

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