Making the Right Choices - The Key to Operational Efficiency as an MSSP

Making the right choices is the key to operational efficiency – and maximum profitability – as an MSSP. How can you design a simple, flexible, and efficient service offering to protect your customers? This whitepaper will show you how.

The corporate cyber security market is evolving. Today’s threats are more sophisticated than ever before – and so are the strategies used to keep companies safe. It’s vital for MSSPs to keep up with all the changes, including the trend toward flexibility, simplicity, and usage-based security.

Read Making the Right Choices and you will learn:

  • How to pick the right service partner for security technology and services
  • How to pick the right business model for operational efficiency
  • How to determine what level of service your company should offer
  • The elements of operational efficiency
  • The advantages and characteristics of usage-based pricing
  • All about the WithSecure™ Partner Program

“We often turn down vendors because our customers are malware-free – and we want to keep it this way. We chose WithSecure™ partly because they come out on top in third party testing almost every single time.” - Kris Roath, President of Sirkdot

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Make the right choices for operational efficiency – and profitability.

Operational efficiency means doing everything in the simplest and most flexible way possible, by making the right choices when it comes to technology, business model, and service level.

The elements of operational efficiency.

WithSecure™ Elements is our new all-in-one security platform. We’ve built simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency into every level.

Usage-based security: the simplest and most flexible pricing model.

Usage-based pricing lets your customers decide how much security they want to install on each of their endpoints with a single monthly bill. 

Good partnership: a core value at WithSecure™

The WithSecure™ Partner Program will give you everything you need to succeed as an MSSP: training, ready-made marketing packages, and direct assistance when you need it most.