No end point compromises - seamless SAP integration

LH Evans decreased the number of false positives and increased their network protection with WithSecure Business Suite


Case study: LH Evans

Their need

LH Evans’ Systems, Applications and Process (SAP) software is central to their business operation. “Our existing EPP solution was giving us a number of false positives.” explains Mansel.

“It was alerting us to things that were wrong that weren’t wrong and in certain instances stopped things working. Our SAP runs finance, order taking, and dispatches and any down-time has a significant negative commercial effect for us.”

Our proof of value

“Buying security solutions is a challenge. Vendors promise a great deal and charge you for it. But how can you be sure that they offer value? The reality is that you can’t until you’re working with your chosen provider. We were impressed with WithSecure’s proposal. They were competitively priced, and their Business Suite solution tested well and integrated well into our Active Directory (AD) system.”

Mansel was equally impressed once project got underway. “WithSecure and our partner were accommodating when making the transition. I was the only individual involved from LH Evans and the experience was painless with an excellent level of service.”

“Business Suite is elegant in its installation and from a user perspective you don’t know it’s there, except when it does its job.” 

Mansel Kersey, IT manager, LH Evans

The solution & business outcomes

  • All end points are patched and up to date and use a minimum of applications
  • Effective filtering to include and exclude specific websites within the network
  • No end point compromises since the solution was installed over a year ago.

“Cyber security is scary, even for a small business like LH Evans. Not all of our suppliers and customers are switched on and we do get malware sent to us with invoices via email for example. It’s difficult to beat what WithSecure does for us from a cost and a support perspective. They’re a joy to work with.” 

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  • LH Evans is an independent electrical wholesaler with a lighting division, a network of branches and a head office in Cardiff in Wales. Mansel Kersey is IT manager at LH Evans and has generalist and specialist technical knowledge that he relies on in his capacity as part of their leadership team.

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