CSRF Vulnerability in Web Interface of Linux Security

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A Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability was discovered in the web user interface of F-Secure Linux Security. An unauthenticated user can send the CSRF request to the web user interface. A successful attack can lead to the product settings being disabled remotely through the web interface. These include antivirus, the firewall, and the integrity protection settings.

This issue and a Proof-of-Concept exploit was reported privately to F-Secure as part of our Vulnerability Reward Program. No known attacks have been reported or observed in the wild.


F-Secure Corporation would like to thank Tomas Bortoli (tomasbortoli@gmail.com) for bringing this issue to our attention.

Antti Levomäki



Christian Jalio




  • Vulnerability in web user interface of the F-Secure Linux Security can lead to remotely disable product settings.
  • Status

  • Resolved
  • Risk level

  • Medium
  • Fix

  • Hotfix 9 was published to fix this vulnerability. Download and instructions on: https://www.f-secure.com/en/business/downloads/linux-security
  • Affected products

  • Corporate Products: F-Secure Linux Security Version 11.00 F-Secure Linux Security Version 11.10
  • Platforms

  • All supported platforms of the affected products
  • Date issues

  • 19/5/2020
  • Security advisories
  • 2020
  • Medium