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Training from the experts.

Develop a modern, tactical cyber security skill-set through a mix of academic theory and pure, practical play.

Our trainings have been designed for a range of disciplines by celebrated writers, published researchers, international speakers, and the developers of industry-leading tools.

Blending theory and practice

"We want people to gain an insight into what they need to defend against, so we don’t just talk them through the offensive mindset. We take them into complete, realistic scenarios where they exploit a whole online infrastructure – as if they were an attacker.”

Donato Capitella, Principal Security Consultant


WithSecure™ Playground

Find, retain, and grow offensive and defensive cyber security talent in your organization through one single platform.

Our courses

Proactive web defense

Practical exercises that teach you secure coding best practices and defensive programming strategies, to make your web applications more resilient to attacks.

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Proaktiver Netzwerkschutz

Schulung mit praktischen Techniken zur Verteidigung Ihrer Netzwerke gegen Angriffe aller Schwierigkeitsgrade, einschließlich Advanced Persistent Threats.

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Proactive first response

This practical, exercise-driven course explains the essential role of a cyber security first responder - and how members in your IT team can step into it.

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Proactive mobile defense

Develop secure, resilient iOS and Android apps. Learn the basic principles of vulnerability hunting on-platform, through to advanced exploitation techniques.

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Capture the flag events

Der Inhalt und die Struktur unserer Capture the Flag-Veranstaltungen sind speziell auf Ihr Team zugeschnitten. Vom Schwierigkeitsgrad über das Ziel bis zum Zeitlimit.

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