Run a cost-effective security program

Make sure your security investments make sense.

Make the most of your security budget and get the best return on investment by running a cost-effective security program.

With security teams expected to do more with less every year, it’s critical to make every cent of your security budget count. A cost-effective security program requires careful, purposeful analysis. Are you investing in the right tooling for the assets you need to protect? Are your people working on the right problems? How can you maximize your resources to ensure the biggest security gains?

Part of security budget management is demonstrating ROI to justify your security spend. A thoughtful approach to security investment not only prevents incidents but produces positive business outcomes. By focusing on what matters to the business, you can show ROI and give executives and board members the confidence that your security budget is being used wisely - every cent.


“Throwing money at the problem may seem like a good idea in the short term...but an ad hoc approach to funding likely will not be effective in the long term. Business and cybersecurity leaders instead must come to a shared understanding of costs and impact and develop a clear strategy for funding cybersecurity programs.”

Source: McKinsey

We take the guesswork out of determining security spend.

Determining how to allocate a security budget is too often an exercise based on emotion and assumptions. It doesn’t have to be. We take a holistic view to assessing your complete security operations posture, recommend how and where you should invest to fill in the gaps and make improvements, and test to see how your enhancements are working. So you can make the best possible use of your available resources, and communicate to management a positive return on security investment.

Software and services

WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection

Elements Collaboration Protection is designed to add a powerful extra layer to Microsoft 365’s native security features, keeping you protected against even the most sophisticated phishing, malicious content and targeted attacks.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response gives you instant visibility into your IT environment and security status from a single pane of glass. It keeps your business and data safe by detecting attacks fast and responding with expert guidance.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is part of WithSecure™ Elements, the one platform that delivers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection; and detection and response - managed from a single security console. Use individual solutions for specific needs or get complete protection by combining them all.

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WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management

Easy-to-deploy scanner for your whole network and all its assets. WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management scans the deep web, fights brand exploit and reduces your total costs.

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Security Strategy

Work with consultants to bring security into the heart of your business. Develop a greater understanding of your risk profile, improve governance, and build a security strategy that attracts buy-in from the rest of the organization.

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