External Asset Mapping

Discover your true attack surface. Verify the integrity of your perimeter. Understand what you look like to an attacker.


Attack surfaces are constantly evolving, sometimes to include whole new classes of asset.

Organizations are left exposed by fixable weaknesses because nobody realises that they are there. Attempting to keep track of everything on a perimeter can drain analysts’ time and eat up precious resources.

External Asset Mapping (EAM) is an exhaustive, human-led investigation that gives organizations comprehensive knowledge of their attack surface, and strategic insight into the specific weaknesses there. 

What can you achieve?

Discover your true attack surface

Find forgotten shadow IT; discover leaked credentials; unearth domains with no obvious tie to your organization

Know what you look like to an attacker

Understand which attack paths malicious actors are likely to use based on your exposed assets and your individual threat profile

Significantly reduce external risks

Understand how to harden and reduce your attack surface and improve your resilience to common attacks


Our approach


Asset discovery - Using just the seed data that you already have, we discover your unknown unknowns and radically transform your understanding of your attack surface. In 100% of our External Asset Mapping engagements in 2020 and 2021 we identified assets that our clients didn’t know existed.

Information gathering - We identify the technologies used at your perimeter, and the applications and services that you are running. We apply our knowledge of real-world threats to assess the specific risks facing them.

Identification of weaknesses - We search for exposed vulnerabilities and we show you how different weaknesses might be chained together by an attacker to become more dangerous than the sum of their parts.

Services & solutions

Point-in-time: External Asset Mapping

Organizations need to know which assets make up their attack surface, and how those assets are likely to be abused by attackers. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing can help to answer these questions but cannot provide a complete picture. EAM is designed to fill this gap.

An EAM engagement is always driven by client needs. If you tell us your desired goal, we will use our knowledge of the threat landscape and our offensive security expertise to get you there.

EAM offers both coverage and insights. Coverage gives you peace of mind that your assets are documented and known. Insights allow you to start managing the assets on your attack surface. Based on what we discover on your attack surface, we can also advise you on how to change your internal security practices, be it improvements to patch management or adjustments to how you secure your development processes. 

External Asset Mapping is particularly suitable in the following situations:

  • When complexity keeps increasing and you no longer know what makes up your perimeter
  • Following the acquisition of a new business
  • When a new CISO has been appointed 
  • In the aftermath of a serious breach or high-profile security incident

The service is minimally invasive and designed to assess your perimeter without disrupting your business operations. Because it is led by experienced consultants, the risks to your assets are minimized. 

Continuous: WithSecure™ Attack Surface Management

When major new threats emerge, you want a simple answer to the question: “have we been exposed?” Gain a continuous understanding of your external exposure to new and emerging threats with our managed ASM service.

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Want to significantly reduce the risk posed by your external perimeter? We can help.

How WithSecure™ can help.

The maxim "attackers think in graphs, not lists” is so frequently coined without any solution offered, it has almost lost its meaning. You and your team understand the mindset, now you need the means to understand your attack surface like attackers do and the strategic approach to act. The W / EAM process was designed, and continues to develop, with this requirement at its core.


Up-to-date intelligence

The consultants delivering our EAM engagements are responsible for updating the threat intelligence used in our continuous ASM managed service. Their recommendations are based on what attackers are doing right now, not what they were doing 6 months or even a year ago.


Close partnership

As a consultant-led service, EAM is highly customizable to each organization’s needs. You don’t just get a report; you get a dialogue with our experts.


Support during change

For organizations going through a major transformation (such as a merger or acquisition), EAM provides all the information needed to make strategic plans for securing a perimeter.

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