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Solita has made WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management a core surveillance component of their managed services to create value for their customers and ensure their business continuity


Case Study: Solita

Our proof of value

Solita takes their time in evaluating new solutions, conducting comprehensive testing before choosing to adopt a specific product or service. This ensures that each solution the company uses to support its operations fits in seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure.

Originally, Solita was working with Tenable’s Nessus vulnerability management platform. Although they saw Nessus as an otherwise capable solution, its deployment was an issue. The platform’s installation caused some problems with Solita’s existing IT framework, and its successful operation required a significant amount of hands-on maintenance.

Tenable’s solution had another key issue: it was sending out constant notifications about every single event it encountered, several times a day. When Solita attempted to correct the problem by configuring the software’s reporting settings to filter out useless results, it started to send daily reports, imbued with equally inoperable information.

“They simply have a long way to go in improving their notifications interface”, Team Manager Jari Jolula says.

“Nessus also required us to deal with firewall configurations and maintain and upgrade it manually. It wasn’t able to identify the issues we expected, and at the same time we were not able to sign for false positives”, adds Solita’s Cloud Security Specialist Iiro Uusitalo.

Jolula and Uusitalo began searching for new alternatives by studying the market and reaching out to their professional networks for recommendations. When WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management popped up multiple times during their research, the pair decided to take a closer look. What they found truly impressed them.

“We found WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management to be optimal for our needs, as it’s extremely simple to deploy and use. WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management is also reliably maintained by WithSecure™. I also appreciate the software’s threat identification capabilities. As an IT penetration tester myself, I recognize the value in seeing vulnerabilities from the attackers’ perspective. Being designed by pen testers and red teaming experts, Vulnerability Management gives us this visibility.”

 Iiro Uusitalo, Cloud Security Specialist, Solita.

The solution

Solita runs their own cloud service operation, while at the same time 500 developers work on custom software projects designed for specific client needs. Solita’s customers subscribe to these software services through a SaaS framework, which is at the core of the company’s business model. Solita prides themselves on their promise of smooth service operation, including complete data confidentiality, accuracy, relevancy and availability.

“Data security is our core competence, and we believe this is one of the key factors behind our customers’ decision in doing business with us”

Jari Jolula, Team Manager, Project Management, Solita

“We patch our servers every month, and WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management has helped us spot various issues in our processes”, adds Mr. Uusitalo. “A typical scenario has Vulnerability Management notifying us immediately when a patch is not delivered in a correct manner, so we can address the problem head-on. We really feel Vulnerability Management is invaluable in keeping a constant watch over our IT environment.” One of the best examples of Vulnerability Management’s usefulness occurred during the discovery of the remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in ImageMagick. “We use ImageMagick for displaying, converting and editing raster image and vector image files. Because of Radar’s alertness, and our automated patching process, we managed to eradicate the problem across our whole server infrastructure in less than 20 minutes after it was first discovered”, Uusitalo says.

With Vulnerability Management’s assistance, Solita can reliably respond to any issue or problem their customers and systems might encounter.

“WithSecure™ Vulnerability Management is deeply ingrained in the backbone of our service operation and security automation activities”, Jolula states. “It’s a key surveillance component in a combination of commercial and proprietary solutions that we use to create value and maintain business continuity for our customers.

“We plan to integrate WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management deeper into our service operations, and we expect everything to go according to plan.” 

Jari Jolula, Team Manager, Project Management, Solita

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