Elements Endpoint Protection






このことを念頭に置き、お客様が製品のサポート終了に適切に対応し、代替製品およびソリューションへの移行を支援するためにWithSecureがどのような役割を担えるかを理解していただくために、EOL(End of Life)ポリシーを定めました。


The threat landscape is constantly evolving, which also means changes in the protection offered by WithSecure. Old products cannot respond to all the current threats.

Security fixes and non-security fixes are not provided for unsupported product versions. Virus definition updates are not tested with End-of-Lifed products. This may decrease the protection capability and reliability of old products, causing, for example, the malfunctioning of the product, conflicts with third party software, false positives and negatives.

Element Endpoint Protection ポリシー

The Product Life Cycle is set for the Product Series. Multiple product series can be active at the same time. Product Series is defined with product Major Version number, i.e., 9-series and 10-series of WithSecure Client Security.

Product Life Cycle length is three years from General Availability of a Major Version in each Product Series, or until one year after release of a successor major version, whichever is shorter.

Inside a Product Series individual product releases do not extend the length of the life span. A product release can be a minor product release or security/non-security hotfix release.

Security Hotfixes are made on the Current version and one version prior to that in each supported product series.

Non-security hotfixes are made on Current version of each supported product series.

Service Pack releases are made on Current version of each supported product series.

WithSecure makes product end of life announcements at the End-of-Life Announcements page. We encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding WithSecure's end-of-life program.

To inform our customers well in advance of an approaching product End-of-Life milestone, customers will be sent an electronic notification first in 180 days and finally 90 days prior to a product End-of-Life.

WithSecure can use judgment in changing the product life cycle or time different to what is defined in this policy due to reasons like an operating system vendor changing their product support life span, or due to WithSecure's decision to stop selling, manufacturing and supporting a product due to business reasons.

WithSecure reserves rights to change this policy without a prior note in which case new policy is available at Supported products page.