Financial targets

Financial targets

In conjunction with the announcement to pursue a separation of the Consumer Security business, the Board of Directors set the following mid-term targets for the Corporate Security and Consumer Security businesses:

  • Mid-term financial targets for WithSecure (Corporate Security)
  • Growth Target: To double revenue organically by the end of 2025.
  • Profitability Target: Adjusted EBITDA breakeven by the end of 2023 and adjusted EBITDA margin of some 20% by 2025.
  • Mid-term financial targets for F-Secure (Consumer Security)
  • Growth Target: High single digit organic revenue growth.
  • Profitability Target: After initial growth investments, adjusted EBITA margin of above 42%.


WithSecure’s financial targets are mid-term ambitions and should not be viewed as an outlook for the ongoing fiscal year 2022.

The following analysts and brokers prepare investment analysis on WithSecure Corporation. These companies cover WithSecure on their own initiative except for Inderes. The research by Inderes has been ordered by WithSecure.

Company Analyst Contact
Carnegie Investment Bank AB Matti Riikonen
Danske Bank Veikkopekka Silvasti
Pohjola Bank Kimmo Stenvall
Inderes Atte Riikola
SEB Jaakko Tyrväinen
Nordea Felix Henriksson
Nordea Sami Sarkamies
Key figures

Key figures

Capital structure

Capital structure

From a long-term perspective the objective of WithSecure's capital management is to achieve an efficient capital structure that ensures the functioning of business operations and promotes the increase of shareholder value.

Another aspect of capital management in WithSecure is a share buy-back program. The program is based on the authorization of the Annual General Meeting.

These own shares are purchased in order to improve the Company's financial structure, to be used as a part of the intensive compensation plan, or to be used for the purpose for making acquisitions or implementing other arrangements related to the Company's business, or otherwise assigning or cancelling the shares.

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