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Does your product involve processing of files or web addresses?

We can offer you a simple and easy-to-use package that will help you stop the malicious content and protect yourself, your customers, and your partners.

  • Criminals use various methods to feed malicious files and URLs to products
  • It’s ultimately the company’s responsibility to secure the content inside the product
  • It’s the easier, faster and cheaper to stop the attacks at the entry point
  • Product customers and partners may not have the benefit of professional malware protection

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At WithSecure, we believe that you can significantly contribute to the adoption of WithSecure Platform. That’s why we’re inviting you to join our Early Access Program.

Our story
  • WithSecure has driven innovation in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people accumulating cyber security capabilities over three decades.
  • We worked with Salesforce utilizing these capabilities designing WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce to protect the Salesforce ecosystem.
Our technology
  • We use multiple technologies enhanced with AI to detect malicious content.
  • Our technology is used by various award-winning products including WithSecure Elements

We're looking forward to partnering with you and co-securing your digital products!

What we have

An easy-to-use cloud API that will instantly check whether a file or web address is malicious. It provides:

  • Proven protection
  • Full control
  • Easy deployment

What we can offer

Good partnership, friendly support, and the opportunity for you to shape our offering. Through our easy API you'll get:

  • On-Demand report of scans and detections
  • Free of charge usage during the early access

What we are looking for

A curious and active partner who is willing to continue the co-operation and eager to learn how to develop our services better. 

  • Develop with us a user friendly service
  • Utilize other assets to add value
Our people

Influence and tailor the solution to your specific use cases.

By co-creating together, we can ensure that WithSecure Platform meets your needs in protecting your digital products and users

About WithSecure Platform

What is WithSecure Platform?

WithSecure Platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it super easy to integrate into your product. It provides the ability to embed malicious file and web address filtering, giving you complete control over the security of your digital products.

You can also monitor the extent of malicious activity in your product without affecting its performance.

How to use WithSecure Platform?

1. Secure a product and its user

  • Embed security directly into your product
    • Protected users
    • Better resilience. Less liability issues.
    • Added value and a differentiation

2. Secure a business process

  • Insert check points into your business process
    • Protect against supply chain attacks
    • Improve the company resiliency

3. Build new business

  • WithSecure built a plugin to Salesforce ecosystem called Cloud Protection for Salesforce and is charging organisations per user basis
  • Similarly our partner can start a new business by building a plugin to an ecosystem
Why choose WithSecure Platform?

WithSecure Platform is the perfect solution for you!

At WithSecure, we prioritize building partnerships with our clients. We guarantee to provide you with the exact added value you need. With 35 years of industry experience, we are a regular AV test winner, and we have many prominent customers in various industries, including digital agencies, HR/recruitment companies, customer service, content management, and finance.


Platform aims to protect your digital products and users, simply and effectively.


Platform provides an opportunity for you to experience the security visibility of your own products, frictionlessly. 


Platform enables you to create your own plugin to our ecosystem and potentially create a new business using our platform

How to sign up?

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  • Be the first to experience the benefits of WithSecure Platform
  • Take the first step towards online security and visibility into security issues in your product
  • Influence the solution to your specific use cases


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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Early Access Program, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you and provide more information.

Christine Berejasco

Julia Ward
Principal Client & Markets Liaison, CTO Office, WithSecure

About WithSecure™

WithSecure™, formerly F-Secure Business, is cyber security’s reliable partner. IT service providers, MSSPs and businesses – along with the largest financial institutions, manufacturers, and thousands of the world’s most advanced communications and technology providers – trust us for outcome-based cyber security that protects and enables their operations.

Our AI-driven protection secures endpoints and cloud collaboration, and our intelligent detection and response are powered by experts who identify business risks by proactively hunting for threats and confronting live attacks. Our consultants partner with enterprises and tech challengers to build resilience through evidence-based security advice. With more than 30 years of experience in building technology that meets business objectives, we’ve built our portfolio to grow with our partners through flexible commercial models.

WithSecure™ Corporation was founded in 1988, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.