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Discover outcome security experiences and join cyber responder elite training on wheels

Coming to a city near you

Our truck is ready to hit the road on its first European Cyber Security Tour. We're on a mission to bring the latest insights outcome-based security straight to your doorstep.​ Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from our experts and get hands-on experience with the latest technology. Our tour highlights include exclusive insights into WithSecure’s portfolio roadmap and technical demonstrations, allowing you to defend cyber-attacks firsthand.​ We're excited to be coming to a venue near you, so keep an eye out for our truck on the road.

Elite Training for Cyber Defenders

WithSecure’s cyber security truck is a fully equipped security operations training center on wheels. Our Maverick crew travels across Europe for client engagements, training your cyber first responders in real-life breach scenarios.​

Through these simulations, your team will gain essential skills, pinpoint gaps in your cyber crisis plans, and develop their ability to respond effectively to cyber-attacks. 

Discover Experiences

Our Cyber Security Truck provides a new, collaborative environment to explore the latest trends as well as build expertise, policies, and processes for improved cyber security. Let’s co-secure in one of our experiences.

Interactive Incident Response Simulation

You’ll be hands-on in a cyber-attack and get to work with technologies, people, and processes to reclaim control. Come away empowered and ready to defend your organization.​

Outcome Security Workshop

Work with our experts to evaluate your current outcome security maturity and get an actionable implementation guideline to close gaps.

W/Portfolio Tour

Join us on an interactive demonstration of our product and service capabilities starting from security outcomes.

Elite Training

Technically challenging training addressing complex cyber security scenarios to educate the next generation of highly skilled cyber defenders.

Sphere22 crowd

Align your security strategy with business goals

Build a cyber security strategy that is a fit for your industry, threat model and cyber security maturity.​ A new Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by WithSecure of CISOs and IT decision makers found that over 2/3 of business leaders want to adopt outcome-based cyber security.

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