Facing the advanced cyber threats together: WithSecure™ for Microsoft 365


A European cyber security partner that customers love, and adversaries hate.

Are you confident you can always investigate and stop modern cyber attacks even if your teams would be currently over-loaded, under-resourced and underserved by Microsoft? We hear you. Figuring out the technologies to deploy gets you somewhere. But what if things go sideways? 

Co-Security. Not just tools and check boxes.

When you choose WithSecure, you don’t just choose a piece of software to match a checklist. You get a partnership. You get a partner that sticks with you for the long haul, no matter what the circumstances are.

WithSecure is your advanced cyber security partner that helps you protect together your business-critical data and employees collaborating on Microsoft 365. Look for flexibility and security outcomes delivered by a combination of advanced security technologies and true partnership that protects your organization no matter how difficult attacks you face. 

Intelligently efficient cyber security

Designed to boost Microsoft’s built-in security capabilities, WithSecure™ Elements works alongside Microsoft’s standard endpoint protection and cloud-based Exchange email and SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams collaboration services to keep you protected against even the most sophisticated phishing, malicious content and targeted attacks. 

WithSecure’s cloud integrated approach is designed against modern threats across Microsoft 365 services, and unlike legacy secure email gateways it provides continuous protection without the need for re-routing emails.


Protects your organization from ransomware and phishing, and reduces attack surface 


Easy to deploy and designed to work alongside Microsoft 365 without adding complexity 


Protect any number of users, devices and servers without being forced to always take the full package


Advanced protection by staying in the budget and without adding overhead

Address your cyber security challenges together with our 24/7 elite threat hunting services and our trusted partners globally. You can always access us easily. You get comprehensive cyber security services tailored for every stage of your company’s life cycle. We share our expertise and support our trusted MSPs to deliver you the best possible services on top of WithSecure Elements.

withsecure employees at a conference desk on laptops

Key outcomes you can achieve with Elements

You get technology to match your real-life needs. No frills. No added complexity. Just the easy to-use capabilities you need to stop evolving cyber attacks across your most critical attack vectors. All neatly unified behind a single portal.

1. Bridge the skills gap with easy to access 24/7 on-demand elite threat hunting experts and automated response actions

2. Stop advanced attacks with easy-to-use, intelligent EDR and comprehensive Microsoft 365 protection

3. Eliminate loopholes and blind spots with fully automated patch management and network-based vulnerability management

Want to enhance your cyber security posture around your Microsoft solutions?

You can easily add our advanced email and collaboration security into your Microsoft 365 environment in just minutes without needing to re-route any email traffic or risk of losing any emails. With us you can start light and add components as your needs evolve.


Add advanced security to Microsoft 365 email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

Add easy to access 24/7 services and unique capabilities including immediate visibility into breached credentials and malicious inbox rules, business email compromise, and ​
phishing attempts.

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Get comprehensive endpoint security and post-compromise response capabilities

Add automated patch management, advanced response capabilities, on-demand expert services for all EDR customers, and optional managed services via local MSP partners or directly from WithSecure.

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Minimize your attack surface with Vulnerability Management

Get a risk-based view of your whole attack surface, so you can find, prioritize and fix known, unknown and potential vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

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Say goodbye to complex cyber security.

In a world where complexity is the new normal, cyber security should be simple. No one – and nothing – can solve every cyber security problem alone. Good cyber security is a team sport where people, organizations and technologies work together as one.

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