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Lessons from real-life: Securing your Salesforce third party integrations

Digital supply chain threats are high on the security agenda and based on Salesforce research “third-party security management” is a top concern for IT-leaders this year.

In this webinar our experts draw on decades of experience working with Salesforce environments to insights on securing your Salesforce third party integrations against supply chain threats.

They’ll reveal the most common threats and weaknesses they’ve encountered in the wild, and provide practical advice on securing your expanded Salesforce environment to limit your exposure to digital supply chain risk.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding your Salesforce environment as part of the digital supply chain – Why you should focus on your fixing homebase before addressing the extended supply chain
  • Lessons from real-life – Common misconceptions and misconfigurations we encounter increasing risk exposure
  • Dealing with the unexpected – Finding and closing overlooked threat vectors such as content sharing
  • How to proactively address security of your Salesforce third party integrations – The top security priorities and starting tasks for tackling risk, including vendor management and securing DevOps