WithSecure Rollback: now you can turn back time

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  • 07/2023
Ben Tudor

WithSecure’s new feature allows you to roll back the clock in a quick and efficient way. Here’s how.

We’re bringing a practical recovery option to WithSecure Elements this quarter that provides further protection for users in the event of a successful attack. Rather than a first port of call in the event of an attack, it provides a tool of last resort should an attack succeed.

WithSecure Rollback provides a further layer of protection to Elements Endpoint Protection (EPP) in the rare event that your defenses, including the mechanisms we already provide through Elements EPP including DeepGuard, DataGuard, Application Control and so on, are unable to prevent a successful attack.

Other vendors provide this functionality as the first level of protection for organizations; it doesn’t prevent attacks or data loss on its own. Let’s break it down.

What is it?

Rollback allows you to restore original files and settings on a device following a malware attack. Basically, if something gets through to a user’s PC and starts getting up to no good, you can turn back time and reset the file system and registry. This is different from recovering from a backup, and also happens to be a lot easier.

We did this for server shares with our Server Share Protection in January, and WithSecure Rollback is built on the same underlying tech, doing for individual workstations what Server Share Protection has been doing for larger systems already.

Here’s what it looks like in action: Demo: Rollback for WithSecure™ Elements EPP - YouTube

How does it work?

When a user starts an application on their computer, Elements EPP checks WithSecure Security Cloud to confirm the app is known and approved.

At this point, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little skeptical: we’re all familiar with the frustration of finding an overzealous security control stopping us from getting our work done – even if it’s for the right reasons. Bear with us at this point.

If the application is known to be harmful, it’s immediately blocked. If it’s known to be safe, it can be started immediately. If it’s a third type – not known – the app is allowed to start, but the EPP agent monitors its activity, tracking all the changes the application makes in the endpoint’s file system and registry.

If the app then starts getting up to no good, Elements EPP closes it down and any changes made to the file system and registry are rolled back.

So far, so good – right? But it would be a huge frustration to the user if this was a false positive and all the work they’d done in the app was effectively deleted at the whim of the cyber security team. Don’t worry – we’ve got you. All the data and changes removed during the rollback are stored in a Quarantine area, so if after investigation it’s a genuine false positive, the rollback can be cancelled and all changes restored.

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When can I start playing with it?

You’ll likely have already got access to Rollback with the latest Elements EPP agent update (currently v23.5) for endpoints – but get in contact with us if not and we’ll get it sorted.

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